TWU Spring 2019 Nursing Applicants

  1. Starting this for anyone thinking about applying to Texas Women's University's Nursing program for Spring 2019. Even though it seems like a long time from now it's never too early to start preparing to apply

    Is anyone else prepping for the TEAS or has already taken it?
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  4. by   kbriscoe24
    Yayyyy someone made a forum lol ! I will be applying to Spring 2019. I just ordered my Teas study manual. My GPA is kind of low (3.2) but I have a previous degree which gives me more points. Hopefully my Teas can help my application.
  5. by   t_jay
    I'm also using a teas book to study. Hopefully I do really well on my Teas since I don't have a previous bachelors to give me a boost lol. Right now my gpa is a 3.7 but I still need to take A&P this summer then I'll be ready to apply.
  6. by   kbriscoe24
    I just need to take Microbiology. I don't think I'm competitive with my GPA but the advisor said if my Teas is high enough it will be overlooked. How is studying going?
  7. by   Kim1998
    Will you guys be applying to any other schools beside TWU?
  8. by   kbriscoe24
    Prairie view is another choice ! What about you ?
  9. by   t_jay
    Studying isn't too bad actually. I found out that my weakest stubject is science so I'm studying that the most. How about you?
  10. by   t_jay
    Hi! I am thinking of applying to UTA's nursing program, but I am not sure yet.
  11. by   kbriscoe24
    I agree! Science is my weakest section as well. I just received the book today, so I will be studying until I am comfortable enough to take the test. My goal is to get this test done by march. I have heard about the UTA program, and everything is online correct?
  12. by   t_jay
    I am planning on taking mine either late in April or early in May. UTA has an online and an on campus program. I think this is great for some people who would prefer to take it online due to a busy schedule or something.
  13. by   Blang1
    Hey everyone I can't seem to find the worksheet to calculate my points. Anyone know where I can find it?
  14. by   t_jay
  15. by   Blang1
    Thank you t_jay!!