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Hi all, I've decided to go ahead and start this thread for those who are in the process of applying for the HIGHLY COMPETITIVE nursing program at TWU (FALL 2017) Feel free to share your STATS,... Read More

  1. by   Cristy1994
    Quote from Tiff88
    Do you get an email either way?��
    Of course I did
  2. by   Tiff88
    Ok. I was under the impression that you only got an e-mail if you got accepted. I haven't gotten an e-mail yet and am very nervous.
  3. by   Tiff88
    Hi. I'm sorry to be annoying, but did you get an e-mail saying you were not accepted? I'm going crazy!
  4. by   pappa22v
    Tiff88, did you check your SPAM folder? the last email they sent me was in SPAM
  5. by   Tiff88
    Yes, I just did. I'm surprised I didn't at least get waitlisted with my grades. Congratulations to you!
  6. by   pappa22v
    I'm sorry, I've been there...
  7. by   Jenniferpat76
    Any suggestions on studying for the TEAS test?
  8. by   alexis0617
    Quote from Jenniferpat76
    Any suggestions on studying for the TEAS test?
    Buy/rent the TEAS manual (I believe edition 6) from ATI! It has a wealth of info and if you study it well esp. in areas you don't feel strong on, you should be fine. I took it twice and most recent/highest score was an 86 (mind you, I did minimal studying bc of classes and had a part time job). I also utilized different websites to do practice questions. Good luck!