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  1. Any words of advice for the panel interview for the Sumner College ADN program? Do's and Donts? I normally interview very well but I want this so bad. And I can get very wordy when I'm nervous, something I'm going to try very hard to avoid! I just want words of encouragement to relieve my excitement induced anxiety!! Thanks!
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    Good luck!
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    There were four staff members (including the school president) present for the panel interview. Honestly, they were all incredibly nice. My number one piece of advice... Be yourself! Remember your eye contact, as well. The email my admissions adviser sent me was incredibly helpful with the list of categories they'll be questioning you about: Behavioral, personal and professional goals, skills and abilities, education, work experience, and interpersonal relations. You're told to be there a half an hour early because they're going to have you write a short narrative introducing yourself that you will read to the panel. So be sure to give yourself plenty of time for that. Good luck!

    Right after my interview they told me I was in. That was a huge surprise! They said they thought they'd let me know now since I live an hour away from campus.
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    They let me know right away as well, I'm in! I live quite a ways away as well. Where are you coming from?
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    Congratulations! I'll be seeing you at orientation, then. I'm coming from Clatskanie, OR which is about 60 west of Portland along highway 30.