South Alabama Accelerated BSN/MSN program July 2013

  1. Anyone applying to the Accelerated BSN/MSN program at South Alabama for Fall 2013 matriculation?
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  3. by   gambron
    I recently applied to the Summer 2013 MSN program, FNP track and got accepted! It starts in May and I'm really excited!
  4. by   wildbio82
    I have applied for the accelerated BSN/MSN track starting july 2013. I applied back in Feb. thinking I might know earlier, didn't happen. I was told they don't even look at the applications until after the deadline (4/1) then it may be up to 6 weeks before people are notified. I don't know much about the program and that bothers me (I am a planner and like to have things lined up in advance). I have to go on the assumption that I will get in, since I have to quit my job, move, and essentially change everything about my families life. That is too much to accomplish in the 2 months between being notified and start of classes.

    My current B.S. is in Wildlife Biology. I currently work in conservation law enforcement. I have a total of 171 credit hours of college work with an overall 3.95 gpa and a 4.0 in all course work required for the nursing degree, so, I assume that I have a pretty good chance.

    Do you know anything about the program besides what is on the website? What's your current degree and such? Good to know there are others out there!
  5. by   gambron
    I don't know much about the program itself, but I have worked with a few people who have gone through it. All of them are excellent practitioners so I thought I'd take a chance. By the way, it took a full 6 weeks after the application deadline to hear a decision.

    I have a BSN, ADN, and AAS as far as nursing degrees are concerned. I also have a B.A. in Anthropology & Sociology. My overall GPA for 212 credit hours is 3.53. I've been working as a nurse for 7 years. My first few years was on a cardiac unit and my last 3 have been in the military doing ambulatory care/nurse management.
  6. by   jensen.laurac
    I have several friends and coworkers who completed the accelerated BSN program, so that's where I have gotten the majority of my information. From what I have heard, you should not expect to hear anything before mid to late May. I agree that that is pretty late considering the program starts at the end of July. Luckily, I am from and currently live in the area. As far as information about the program, feel free to ask about any specific information and if I don't know I can ask one of my friends. As far as info about me... I have a BS in Biology. My pre-req GPA is only a 3.00, but Im hoping they look at my whole transcript. I have been working at a hospital in the area as a CNA for almost a year. Before that I worked in a lab doing biomedical research for 2.5 years.

    Where will you be moving from?
  7. by   wildbio82
    I can't think of one specific question. I like to know everything so I can prepare. It's not that I can't "wing it", I just prefer to be prepared. I have much to accomplish in a short time. I am moving from MS (about 90 miles from campus). I just have to have everything in place to move my family, get my kids in school, get supplies for me (no idea what I need), and everything else that goes along with quitting your job and going back to an intensive school schedule. The more I have prepared now, the less I have to do at the last minute.
  8. by   JessicaHollingsworth
    I applied for the accelerated BSN/MSN track starting late July '13 and received a phone call today regarding phone interviews. Good luck to all of you!
  9. by   lockeks
    Hello! I applied for the accelerated BSN and recently had my interview. jensen.laurac you said you are from the area...what school did you go to? Your name looks familiar.

    I want to begin preparing now. Since you have several friends that did the program, what would you suggest? How were their workload, amount of study that put in per day, sleep they acquired, etc...

    Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   ceribeth
    I have been accepted, as well. If anyone would like to talk housing or just get to know each other, shoot a message my way
  11. by   cassyp07
    I applied at the end of March for this program and recieved my phone interview today!!!Does anyone know if everyone gets a phone interview?
  12. by   lockeks
    Hello everyone-Here's my update. It looks like they mailed letters on 5/30/13. I received mine on Tuesday, June 2, 2013, I'm assuming because it was sent to my parent's address in Daphne. Anyhow, I have been officially accepted! I sent all the supporting documents to them on Wednesday via email. I pray you all were all accepted as well and look forward to putting faces with usernames soon at orientation. You can email me at if you want to meet up and encourage each other for this upcoming year.
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  13. by   gcc8
    Where else did you guys apply aside from South Alabama?