Should I include my MCAT score for Direct Entry NP Application

  1. I am applying to 5 direct entry Nurse practitioner programs: Vanderbilt, Seattle University, Simmons, MGH, and the University of Rochester. I have my Bachelor of Science in Biology and I was originally Premed. The summer of my Junior year, 2015, I took the MCAT in preparation for medical school. I did fairly well on it, especially the Biology and chemistry sections. I scored in the 96th percentile in those but didn't do all that well in the psych and sociology section. My overall score was a 504, which puts me in the 65th percentile overall, meaning that I did better than 65% of MCAT testees and worse than 35%. I am wondering if I should include this in my application. One of the applications, MGH, allowed me to replace my GRE with this if it was competitive enough. I submitted the form for MGH and it was approved, suggesting that they considered my score competitive. The other 4 that I'm applying to don't require the GRE, but they either have sections that I can submit any test scores I got, or they have a supplemental document section in which I can submit any document, including a score report, that I think would be beneficial to my application. Do you think that I should submit my MCAT Score report?
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  3. by   popopopo
    Wow, that's cool that they allow that. Anyways, your MCAT is competitive for podiatry schools, most DO schools, and even some lower-tier state MD schools. If the rest of your application is clean, a 504 should be substantial for an NP program. If you really want to check, call their admissions and get advice. I'm sure you're competitive though.

    I'm not sure if submitting to the other programs will help/hurt you. I'm not sure the admissions people from those program would be familiar with how the MCAT is scored if that's not something they look for in applicants.
  4. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Simmons won't require it (as they don't require the GRE) and not sure if it will make you competitive compared to others. I was originally in their direct entry program and can't think of any classmate that had taken the MCAT for comparison, though.