San Joaquin Delta College Fall 2018

  1. Hello everyone! I am just starting this to see who has applied or is thinking of applying for the program. I know that the application period ends on the 29th but wanted to see whos applying and with how many points are you applying with. Good luck to everyone and can't wait till the 3rd of april when they let us all know.
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  3. by   sirI
    Welcome to Dabullet06

    Just want to wish you good luck in your Nursing program.
  4. by   Dabullet06
    Hopefully this is a sign that no one applied for fall, that way I know thatI definitely got in! lol
  5. by   Btenjamin
    I'm very surprised nobody has commented yet. I applied with 59 points and I don't expect to get in.
  6. by   Mgruber
    I spoke with a counselor at Delta, she informed me the cut off points will be lowered for fall 2018/spring 2019 application periods - she said cut off points will be in the 50s. They received funding to allow an extra 20 students in for those 2 application periods, because they are offering a fast track option.
  7. by   CherryNurse88
    Good luck everyone! My fingers are crossed for this semester. I did t calculate my points during the application, but I believe I'm in the lower 60's.
  8. by   Tpez49
    Hi everybody!

    i applied with an 86 and im hoping to get into the fast track program but i guess they are only offering it in spring! Good luck to everyone the waiting suckkks!!
  9. by   Mgruber
    Great points. You will definitely get in!
  10. by   Dabullet06
    I kind of figured that they lowered the points because I have a great gpa and got almost all the points and was like this cant be right lol
  11. by   Dabullet06
    Oh wow that is a lot of points! Did you only apply to Deltas program or other programs as well? I'm applying at MJC, De Anza College and applied at merced as well.
  12. by   Mgruber
    Well I meant the point range that is accepted, not the way the application points are allotted I'm not sure the revised application is much different than the prior.
  13. by   Tpez49
    Thanks and Yes i applied to chabot merritt lmc and will also apply to mjc.
  14. by   Nursetoobeee
    i applied with 68 points.