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As I was going through looking for threads of the programs I plan to apply for I didn't see one for SHSU Spring 2019 so I decided maybe I would go ahead and start one! I am currently finishing my... Read More

  1. by   illimon
    I added a couple of y'all, my name is Iliana Limon!
  2. by   Erika2018
    Quote from momtonurse
    It was the wrong summer hahahaha
    What is your cover picture summer?
  3. by   Erika2018
    I'm sorry try under "Jeslissa Zamarripa" sometimes I go by my first or middle name lol
  4. by   Nursegonzalez
    After you create the group can we just look it up? It might be easier to find that way, than adding each other individually
  5. by   sumsum93
    Ok the FB page is called SHSU COHORT 17!
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  6. by   Saav20
    Hey guys, just commenting on here now!

    I got accepted as well. Can't wait to meet everybody, Name on fb is Claudia Edith (white shirt)
    I joined the group as well
  7. by   Anapimienta
    Hey guys I got in as well!!! Cohort 16!! Anyways add me on Facebook as well my name is Ana Pimienta.
  8. by   Nursegonzalez
    Quote from sumsum93
    Ok the FB page is called SHSU COHORT 17!
    Cohort 17 or 19?
  9. by   Tex0512
    Quote from Nursegonzalez
    Cohort 17 or 19?
    The page is SHSU COHORT 17. There seems to be two different cohorts this time around, we're all a little confused. lol. Some of us were 16 and others got information stating 17.
  10. by   Nursegonzalez
    Okay got it. I sent the group a request!
  11. by   sumsum93
    Ok one more change the FB group name is SHSU COHORT 16 & 17
  12. by   pxk017
    Congrats to those who got in!!

    To those of you who did not get accepted-if you don't mind sharing-what were your stats?
    I was denied and I thought I had fairly competitive stats, so I'm pretty upset and confused.

    Nursing GPA: 3.65
    Core GPA: 3.70
    Teas: 85
  13. by   kaitlyngiles
    I got in as well!! My email stated that I was cohort 17! My name is Kaitlyn Giles on Facebook, I looked up the group and couldn't find it so could someone invite me to it? ))