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Greetings all future RN students. I just wanted to start a thread for any potential applicants who will be applying to riverside city college RN program this September for Spring 2017. Let's all get... Read More

  1. by   bambamchieu
    Didn't get anything either...
  2. by   Chelss13
    Do you guys know how many alternates they choose Total?
  3. by   LindsayM
    To those who are in add me on Facebook so I can find you guys for the group -
    Lindsay Mcdaniel

    to those who who didn't make it in this time. You will all be great nurses -- don't give up! Take a class over, apply again, apply all over. Just don't give up! My heart goes out to you guys and I hope you stay positive!
  4. by   LindsayM
    Group is made! You can also find it on fb
    RCC Nursing Spring 2017
  5. by   Meme_RN18
    Congrats to you guys!
  6. by   Meme_RN18
    Quote from LindsayM
    Group is made! You can also find it on fb
    RCC Nursing Spring 2017
    I requested to join the group. My name is Mepiss Davis
  7. by   barrelchic
  8. by   sammyjoe11
    Congratulations to all of you that made it in and will be joining N11 in the spring woohoo!!. It's an exciting and challenging program. I just finished my first semester and will be moving on to N12. Now is the time to get organized, your lives, and physically/mentally prepared for what lies ahead. This program will test you! To the alternates stay positive because they really do admit a lot of their alternates. We got them all the way through the first couple of weeks of school. I can answer any questions you all might have. Again, good luck and congrats!
  9. by   barrelchic
    One can only hope... I hope some lvns applied for both the will decline this track and go for the bridge! Lol
  10. by   lotus1124
    Those that were chosen as alternatives . What did the email say ? Was it in the same one as the one you were denied in ?
  11. by   sammyjoe11
    Even those they accept may turn down a spot or not make it through backgrounds. Also people back out at the last minute. Keep your faith
  12. by   Mtucker39
    What about the people who dont have any answes yet? Was that a problem last term?
  13. by   sammyjoe11
    @mtucker I don't recall that being a problem. Not to say it didn't happen, it may have. However, if you have questions call SP or JU to confirm. Even those with placement questions, If something doesn't seem right, you can always call to verify. I know they have overlooked things in the past.