1. Just wanted to start a thread, it was really helpful last year while applying (I got waitlisted but wasn't selected). Anyway, it was a great way to keep each other updated with how the process works and when interviews/selections/emails started to come from the school, a nice sounding board for going crazy with impatience waiting, waiting, waiting. I am applying for the 2018 entry into the ELMSN program at PLU and hope to submit my app within a week or two.
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  3. by   Pampam82
    Hi Smcshane! I'll be on the journey with you! I submitted my application yesterday so now I wait lol.
  4. by   Smcshane
    I will have mine in by Monday hopefully!!
  5. by   EmRo42
    Hi Smcshane! Thank you for starting this! I just submitted mine today and am relived to have it in
  6. by   Nodame
    Hi!! I will also be applying. I have yet to turn my application in though. I have my essay left. I noticed from last years thread that they had interviews. Do you think that will happen this year too?
  7. by   EmRo42
    I went to an info session in May or June, and they said that they didn't think they would be doing interviews this year. I think that last year was the first year they did it and if I'm remembering correctly, they didn't think it helped with the admission process.

    Maybe someone who has gone to an info session recently has a better memory of what they said?
  8. by   Smcshane
    I am still working on my essay too, trying to decide how much to alter it from last year's submission, I obviously did well because I was wait listed but still don't want to submit the identical essay. Anyway to answer your question, I think last year was the first year they did interviews and from reading the previous years' threads it sounds like a constantly evolving process, so, this year they may not. Which also makes it nice to be able to talk to each other and let each other know when we start receiving emails and phone calls.
  9. by   Smcshane
    Just submitted my app! Happy Halloween Everybody!
  10. by   EmilyS21992
    Hey! I submitted my application last week...the anticipation is already killing me! Thanks for making the thread
  11. by   Smcshane
    Last year I think people started hearing things in March or April, so, we're in for a bit of a wait. I know you work so hard to get it in then just have to forget about it for awhile or go crazy. Are you applying for any other programs?
  12. by   sso94
    Hello everyone! I am a current ELMSN student at PLU. I started the forum for last year's admission on allnurses.
    I was on the waitlist until May 2017 before I got accepted into the program. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them
  13. by   Smcshane
    I remember you!
  14. by   Smcshane
    How did you like the first year??