Ohio State University - Graduate Entry MSN 2014

  1. Anyone submitted an application there late 2013? And have you guys heard back from them???
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  3. by   mille1313
    Yes, I was offered admission at the end of December and I have accepted the offer. Who else has been offered admission for this cycle.
  4. by   bunny33
    I still have not yet heard from them, and I'm getting worried. Mille, if you don't mind, could you tell me what you submitted? I didn't take the GREs because my undergrad GPA was higher than 3.5. I did apply pretty late into the application time period, though; they received every one of my application materials around October 9th, '13.
  5. by   Mon23
    Hi, I was accepted to OSU Graduate Entry Nursing with the Family Nurse Practitioner Speciality on Thursday. I am trying to find more people who were accepted to this program! I can't seem to find a facebook group anywhere. Any luck meeting other people? I also haven't gotten any formal information yet! I just found out my checking my application status. But have a lot of stuff to get done! Have you taken the STNA course? Are you from Columbus?
  6. by   bunny33
    Hello, Mon23! Thanks for replying and congratulations on getting accepted! That is exactly what I had applied for; my application status on the site is still Pending and I have not received any emails or letters, yet. It's killing me! lol

    I worked as a nurse's aide throughout my undergrad years and took the course a while ago. So I think I'm all set with that, but I decided to be proactive and work on my pre-reqs this semester. And yep, I currently live in Columbus.


    *sigh of relief* Scratch the above! Mon23, I got accepted via an email message today, but it was sent an alternate school email. Funny thing is that my status still says Pending on the Buckeyelink. Looking forward to meeting you this Summer!
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  7. by   Courtneynurse
    Hi everyone,

    I too will be joining this summer with a peds specialty! We should be getting more info mid to late feb. Let me know if you guys find a Facebook group or would like to create one!

  8. by   Mon23
    Hi Courtney, Congrats! I've been searching for a Facebook Group! I think it might be a good idea to create one! Look forward to meeting you! I'm from Cleveland, OH so I will be moving to Columbus! I am trying to figure out a housing situation, so it might be good to meet a potential roommate! WHere are you from?
  9. by   Mon23
    Hi Bunny33, Yeah I hear ya! I haven't gotten an 'official' e-mail saying I was accepted but the application status link says I was accepted and is asking me to accept or decline admission! So I think they are still working out kinks with everyone's statuses! Congrats, look forward to meeting you as well! I am looking for a cheap one-bedroom apartment, do you know of any around the area? I would be looking for a roommate if I can't find a cheap one bedroom!
  10. by   erex
    Hi everyone,

    I also got accepted this week, to the FNP specialty. Mon23, I will also be moving from Cleveland to Columbus. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  11. by   Mon23
    Does someone want to create a Facebook Group?!
  12. by   Mon23
    HI! Congrats. Yeah luckily it's not too far of a drive! Awesome you'll be in my class! Looking forward to meeting you!
  13. by   Mon23
    HI! Congrats& Welcome! Have you taken the STNA course yet? I need to find one in either Cleveland or Columbus. Look forward to meeting you as well.
  14. by   erex
    Hey guys, I went ahead and made a Facebook group. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1381877315411442/