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Just wondering if anyone else is applying for OCCC's Badnap program for 2015-2016. I would love some information from former or current students about the program!... Read More

  1. by   okflhealth
    I also took it on Jan 16. I did very well and really only used the ATI manual. I highly recommend it. The manual alone should prepare you enough for at least the Reading, Math, and English.
  2. by   okflhealth
    Do you guys know how we are supposed to submit the transcripts? Do we have them sent to the admissions office or is there a special address for the BADNAP program?
  3. by   Audrey1313
    hi @okfhealth...congrats!! please any tips and areas to study and focus ? am nervous how did you study , for how long did you prepare youself
  4. by   Audrey1313
    hi @okfhealth...congrats!! please any tips and areas to study and focus ? am nervous how did you study , for how long did you prepare
  5. by   okflhealth
    Hello @Audrey1313,

    I only used the official ATI manual. Go through the entire book and do all the practice problems at the end of each section. This was enough for me for the Math, Reading, and English sections. I ended up scoring 100% in the Math and Reading. The Science section really depends on your background. There is a good thread on this site with a comprehensive breakdown of what you will need to know called "How I passed the TEAS". Here is a link to that thread.

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    I would suggest going through the science part in the manual and making note of subjects that you find yourself needing more information. As a supplement, I used Quizlet and just searched for "TEAS Science". Whenever I was cooking or before I went to sleep, I would go through the flashcards. The Science can be very random giving questions ranging from Earth Science to Genetics to Chemistry. I hope this helps you and good luck :-)
  6. by   MissHilary
    Hope the TEAS goes well for everyone who hasn't taken it yet.
    Do you guys know of anyone who has been in the program before or have any information on the program? Just trying to figure out what to expect!
  7. by   doantrang111
    Does everybody know how many application were for Badnap program last year? And many people got acceptation
  8. by   Ahebert34
    I'm applying for the traditional program....but in the last "nursing hopeful" meeting, Claire made it seem like everyone that applied to the Career Leader Pathway and the BADNAP got in, as long as they met all of the qualifications and turned in a complete application. Sorry I'm not more help.
  9. by   laurennm
    I know of some people who haven't gotten in. The meeting I went to they said about 80 applicants. Only 62 get in. I have heard it's hard but do able Hillary... They recommend you don't work during the program.
  10. by   okflhealth
    Deadline to submit our applications is this Friday! I wonder if they can tell us how many people have applied.
  11. by   laurennm
    It would be nice if they will... Good luck everyone!
  12. by   MissHilary
    Did y'all by chance ask how many applied? I wish I would've seen this so I could've asked!
  13. by   laurennm
    I called yesterday and asked and they said the person in charge of the apps was out of office so she hadn't had time to tackle them. :/ if anyone hears anything let us know!!