NJCU ABSN 2018-19 Cohort

  1. Hi Aspiring Nurses,

    So I may be a bit early, considering the 2017 class is just now getting their acceptance letters for this coming Fall. But since late last year, I've been preparing to apply to the NJCU ABSN Jersey City cohort that will begin in 2018. I wasn't able to apply to the 2017 cohort as my prerequisites were not finished in time. I figured others may be in the same boat, so I figured why not get the conversation going. The application will open in October, and that's creeping up quickly, as it always does.

    Therefore, I'd like to start this forum to discuss any questions or concerns we might have. I'm attending the info seminar next Wednesday, 3/29 at 5 PM - anyone else going? Some of my concerns are financial aid, specifically how much non-need based aid is available as many of us may not qualify for need-based aid if we work full time now. I currently work in Financial Aid, so if you have any questions about that, I'd be happy to give any info I have. I'm also curious about credit requirements for prereqs - I can't seem to find specific numbers (e.g. how many A&P credits do we need).

    Overall, I hope to connect with others who are interested in applying to start in 2018, Jersey City and Wall - please share your thoughts, and I look forward to speaking with you!

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    We moved your thread to our Nursing Programs forum:
  4. by   BFess
    Hello, Thanks. I see the link says online-nursing-schools, but this program is on campus. Not sure if there is a better location, but wanted to advise. Thanks!
  5. by   Rose001
    Hello, Brittany

    Hope all is going well. I too am trying to apply for the NJCU accelerated program starting fall of 2018. I'm glad you made this post. Do you have all of your prereqs completed? Which campus are you applying to? Do you know of any other info session? And, when are you planning on taking the HESI? Sorry for all the questions at once lol.

  6. by   JillianS
    Hi Brittany and Rose!

    I am also trying to apply to the accelerated BSN program at NJCU for 2018 admission, so I thought I'd join the convo I am currently taking microbiology and then my pre-reqs should be complete to apply. Brittany, I am unsure of how financial aid works for second-degree programs, so I will keep you in mind if I do have any questions! Also, you mentioned that the application opens in October - do you know exactly when in October? I have not been able to find the program on NursingCAS yet.

    Rose - I have not decided when to take the HESI yet, I'm also curious when you both plan on taking it?

    I look forward to connecting with you both/others!

  7. by   Rose001
    Hey Jillian,

    Where are you taking Microbiology? Applications for NJCU Jersey City opens up October 1st; according to the info I received, we can also start taking the HESI on this date. Also, there is an info session coming up if any of you are interested. However, we have to register for this event. You can find it on the NJCU website. I Hope to meet you all there .

  8. by   BFess
    Hi Everyone,

    Great to hear from you all - can't believe it's finally almost time to apply! I am applying to the Jersey City cohort, and in a few weeks I'll be done with my last pre-req (A&P II). I do recall them saying your pre-reqs have to be fully complete by the application deadline, which for JC is 2/28/18. This is because all final transcripts need to be received through NursingCAS by then. NJCU's info for the 2018-19 class is now updated on their website if you want to check it out. As for the HESI, I'm not exactly sure yet, but I will be looking into it on Oct. 1st. Good luck to everyone, and I look forward to discussing more!

  9. by   Rose001
    Hello to all,

    Which statistics did you all take? Because online it says any discipline is acceptable but I'm just wondering what you all took.

  10. by   JillianS
    Hi Rose! I took elementary statistics during my undergrad. Which did you take? And also, I am taking microbiology at community college right now. Hope this helps!
  11. by   Rose001
    Jillian and all,

    Okay good. I took Statistics for Business and Economics. Are any of you planning on going to the info session at J.C on October 26?
  12. by   Rose001

    As of today October 1st, we can start our application process for J.C location. I'm starting mine today. I already have a bunch of questions. Please share your experience and maybe we can help each other get through it.

  13. by   eris08
    Hi Ladies!

    I graduated from the program back in 2016. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me anything.
  14. by   FutureNurseKris
    Hiiiii all! I'll be applying for the Fall 2018 cohort in Jersey City. Which are you all applying too? Excited that our time is finally here