NCTC ADN Fall 2013 - page 10

I'm going to Gainsville next week to apply for the ADN program and was wondering if anyone else was looking to do the same. I live in Lewisville, so Gainsville is quite a drive, but I'd be willing... Read More

  1. by   ccross87
    Ok. I am group 1 but my information on the site is not coming up at all. I go to view/pay and select fall 2013 and it is empty. I am worried that I will be dropped from my classes.
  2. by   jls0459
    I had to go to pay in full and it took me to the Quick Pay website. Once I selected Fall 2013 and submit it, I had to scroll down a bit so I could see the option to go to the other site. It isn't much - just a few sentences and a gray button I think, but it is there.
  3. by   ccross87
    Ok, good that is what I went to as well. Hope it all went through correctly haha. I am just so excited to start this month!!
  4. by   Khor
    For anyone already in the program, in regards to the shoes we have to they HAVE to be all white? Or, can they be white, with say a little bit of gray/black/red, etc. (Like a Nike swoosh or something.)
  5. by   amandacam
    All white and they can only have a tiny logo. Like the heart on Nurse Mates. Plus they cannot be a breathable material...think leather, vinyl - no mesh.
  6. by   Khor
    Cool, thanks...narrows down the options quite a bit for us guys. I think I saw some Skechers on the Scrubs and Beyond website.
  7. by   jls0459
    Khor, Nike also has some all white options. I found a pair at Shoe Carnival that was on sale for about $40.
  8. by   ccross87
    Just got my blue card in the mail from the texas board of nurses.
  9. by   Khor
    Any of you guys/girls had any delay on getting your immunization paperwork approved? I submitted mine over a week ago via upload, and haven't had a change in status or single acknowledgement. Guess I am just wondering if that takes awhile, too...
  10. by   jls0459
    I also got my blue card in the mail. I'm glad that is taken care of.

    I haven't tried to send my immunization records in yet. I've been waiting, for several weeks actually, to get my replacement CPR card and it's not going well. Can you fax the records in rather that uploading them? That might get a quicker response.
  11. by   amandacam
    Are y'all using Immunitrax? I faxed and uploaded...I think the faxed was just a little faster, but not that much.
  12. by   Khor
    Yep, Immunitrax. I've uploaded and the files are all sitting there in my account. Just sitting there waiting for approval...
  13. by   amandacam
    Approval usually comes from the nursing director. But as longed as they were accepted, you're good.