1. Hey! Just wondering if anyone out there has applied for the MUSC BSN Program for Fall 2014??? I plan on applying this December so just want to know if any other applicants are out there or if anyone knows any tips that you could provide for getting in thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   ml52789
    I am applying for the spring start- applied for the fall 2013 but did not get in. They said it was because of lack of volunteer hours so hopefully this time around ill get in!
  4. by   randib07
    What are your grades like? Is that all they said you were missing? Have you ever had any previous medical experience?
  5. by   ml52789
    Quote from randib07
    What are your grades like? Is that all they said you were missing? Have you ever had any previous medical experience?
    Hey- just responded to you in that other thread w/ my stats. I do not have previous medical experience in the sense of working in a medical office- I do have a lot of volunteer hours now and am CPR/first aid certified (not that that means a whole lot when it comes to applying, haha)
  6. by   mamagui
    Hey! I am getting ready to apply for priority admission for fall of 2014! I have heard that they are big on volunteer service, so I have been volunteering for hospice. I don't have a lot of hours yet, but I am hoping that my grades and degree help me out. What kind of nursing do you want to get into?
  7. by   randib07
    Well by the time I apply I will have I believe 70 hours of just hospital volunteering, I volunteered throughout high school doing other stuff! I was thinking peds but I'm starting to consider the nursery as well! I'd prefer anything dealing with kids but id be happy with anything! What is your degree in? My grades are pretty decent, my science and overall are above 3.5 and my pre req is a littler lower than a 3.5. Are you in state or out of state?
  8. by   mamagui
    I have a (useless) Masters in Spanish- yea, big career change! I am in state, and my science grades are 4.0, overall 3.83. I want to be a CNM

    I just sent in my application last Thursday- Fingers crossed!
  9. by   randib07
    A degree is a degree in my opinion, being biligual could defintely help you! Do you know if waiting to apply a month before the applications are due could hurt my chances? Also, did you find writing the essay difficult? I started writing it and then completely erased what I had and then started again! I just don't know exactly what to write lol. I fear rejection and just want to better my chances of getting in!
  10. by   ml52789

    Definitely turn in your application as soon as you can if your references are being sent electronically- you can update your resume right before the deadline. The only way to get your reference forms out electronically is by submitting your application-- if you wait too long, you may not give your references enough time to write a good recommendation. The 'essay' is difficult, just do your best!! 100 words turned in to about 3 sentences for me.. And I used all 100 of those darn words, haha!

    They give points for essay, references, GPA, and volunteer/work experience. So know that while the essay IS important, it is not necessarily the be-all, end-all. They look at applicants as a whole, so being well rounded seems to be key if you want to get accepted into their program!
  11. by   mamagui
    The essay was hard, and I did a lot of writing and re-writing LOL. Mine was also EXACTLY 100 words. I had a retired teacher friend of mine proofread everything before submitting. I did not know that you could make changes to the resume after submitting...I chatted with a current student the other day and she says the same thing as ml52789, that they are looking for well rounded-ness, and that some of the students in her cohort come from French, German, and business backgrounds.

    Have you heard about the grading scale? 95-100=A 4.0 85-94=B 3.0-3.9 75-84=C 2.0-2.9
  12. by   randib07
    Well the only reason I am waiting to submit my application is because I am taking fall classes and even once I finish fall classes I will still have one science class left to take. I am taking Anatomy & Physiology I and Microbiology this fall and then Anatomy & Physiology II in the spring. Would I be able to apply now and then change once I get my grades in December for the fall?
  13. by   mamagui
    Actually, I think you will have to wait until december to apply because you have to finish 3 of the 4 science classes at the time of application. I would apply as soon as your final grades are posted, that way you really are applying about a month before your deadline. You probably should let your references know about the deadline so that they are expeditious about completing the references. I can't imagine that you would not get in due to submitting your application 1 month in advance...I mean, it is not like you completed it the day before
  14. by   mamagui
    Good luck in A&P- I took I and II this summer in Fast Forward classes (it was A LOT of work, but do-able). Taking Micro this fall