MDC Nursing Fall 2017

  1. Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for applicants of the nursing program at Miami Dade College for Fall term 2017. I'm currently working on my last prerequisites and will be finished this semester. I plan on taking the HESI A2 in January and applying for the Generic and Part time tracks.
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  3. by   IP2411
    Hi I am also finishing up my last prerequisites and will be finished by this semester. I am planing to take the HESI hopefully by the end of this semester or by the start of the spring semester! I will be applying for the Generic Full time
  4. by   FutureCardiacRN
    Hello, I am also applying to Fall 2017 at MDC medical campus as Transitional Bridge Part-time and taking the HESI beginning of next year. Finger cross we pass this entry exam with flying colors. I purchased the HESI review book to touch up on the subjects. I also applied to NOVA and Barry nursing programs and studying for Kaplan entry exam with the HESI review book. I was told the entry exam is similar. Just to weight my options.Graduated at MDC this summer with a GPA 3.67. Good luck to you all.
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  5. by   Focus&Determine
    I'm currently in the LPN program hoping I would have enough time to apply for the Spring 2018 Transition/Bridge option, which the deadline is September 1st. I have the HESI book and I have already completed all of my prerequisites. In regards to the Nursing Skills Update Course NRG-051, is it required to be taken and completed before we apply to the program?
  6. by   monikute89
    Hello guys,

    I will also be applying for Nursing 2017 Fall.
    Just finishing up Introduction to Healthcare and need to take HESI exam.
    Does anybody know how the process goes after we submit all the required documents on May 1st?
    I'm planning to travel overseas for a month or so and trying to see how previous years were.
    I heard that MDC Medical Campus started sending out acceptance letters on Jun 9 in 2016 and then you had to reserve your seat in a week or so and fulfill all the requirements on the checklist (vaccines, background check, physical and etc) which takes about couple weeks to get done. The orientation was on July 14 for Generic and sometimes at the end of July for Part-time and Accelerated Options.
    Does anybody know anything else maybe about 2015 or 2014? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Just want to make sure that I have a month off with no worries that I will be late to reserve my seat if accepted to Accelerated program.

    Best of Luck!!!
  7. by   RMC2018
    I'm also applying for the Fall 2017 program. I'm closer to the Medical campus and heard they place you by your address so hoping I get into that one but will go to either. Currently studying for the HESI to take in probably 2 weeks or so.
  8. by   Cokeboyg6
    Hey guys i just recently applied for the generic full time fall 2017. I recently took the HESIA2 for the first time and got an 87% with science gpa around 3.6,and also I'll be graduating in Pre-Nursing this semester.I don't know if I'm in that "for sure accepted" criteria , but fingers crosssed. Hope to see some of you guys this fall. Also if you guys need any questions on the hesi then feel free to ask.
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  9. by   LobeFtrRN
    Hey everyone,

    I'll be applying for the part time program this fall. Taking the human growth and development prereq. I love this class. Thought I was going to hate this class. Im retaking a&P 1 to get the A. I got a B. I took the HESI, and have a degree from fiu. Goodluck to everyone.
  10. by   sunrae
    Hey everyone I'm applying to the AO for this Fall. I want to take the HESI asap but I don't see any available options to register. Anyone know what's going on?
  11. by   j.lauren
    Miami Dade College - Medical Exam Selection

    See if maybe this link can help you out. Good luck!
  12. by   j.lauren
    Wow, it's so nice to hear from other applicants! I have finished my prerequistes and have a 4.0 science GPA and I'm studying for the HESI A2 exam still and will be testing by the end of February. Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   sunrae
    I see a bunch of dates were added this week. Thanks!
  14. by   idee
    Hi all.
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    Good luck!!!