Marymount University ABSN Spring 2018

  1. Hey! Has anyone applied for their Spring program yet? I am working on the application now. Has anyone been accepted? What are you GPA's?
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  3. by   Mino32
    I have recently been accepted into the ABSN program for the spring! My undergraduate GPA is 3.3 and my pre-req GPA is 3.6.
  4. by   JennaAnn23
    Congratulations!! @Mino32 how was the process? Do we need references or an entrance exam?
  5. by   Mino32
    The process itself was pretty easy! I had a couple heart attacks because one of my schools was late sending the transcript but the admission office is amazing! You need one reference and only need to take the ATI-TEAS if your undergraduate GPA was less than 2.8. Let me know if you have any other questions .
  6. by   Ttdupree
    Should we start a FB group? I was accepted for Spring 2018 too!! Wondering where to look for an apartment at? Moving in December from Portland, Oregon.
  7. by   JennaAnn23
    @Ttdupree How long did it take for you to get accepted? What was your GPA?
  8. by   Ttdupree
    Also @Mino32, lets start a group Do you have any dates yet? When it starts or when orientation is? I only have the dates for the Fall 2017 ABSN program. Isn't there a mandatory orientation in December?
  9. by   Ttdupree
    Hi @JennaAnn23, my cumulative GPA from Undergrad and pre-req's was 3.2 I think and I did not take the TEAS. I also had a masters degree from overseas with 3.9 GPA but that did not count towards anything. I can't remember how long it took for me to get accepted, I think I applied in Feb for Fall 2017 and heard back in March. But I had to take Chem over the summer so I deferred for Spring 2018. Good luck!!
  10. by   Mino32
    I don't have any dates yet unfortunately. They said there will be a mandatory orientation in January but that the exact date will follow. I looked up Marymount's school calendar so they are supposed to start January 16th so I would assume the same would be for us? I think starting a group is a great idea! How close are you looking at living Ttdupree? Housing in this area is so expensive!
  11. by   Ttdupree

    The assistant dean said orientation is Friday, January 12, 2018, from 10:00 am until about 4:00 pm on our Main Campus. I am not sure where I am going to be living. Housing is soooooo expensive
  12. by   Mino32
    Housing in Northern Virginia is terrible I do not know how people afford it! You could try Springfield or Lorton. They will be further away but they are cheaper.
  13. by   JennaAnn23
    Is anyone on here still working on their degree like me? I graduate in December but worry that my grades and degree confirmation won't be available until the 3rd week of January. I may have to just apply for the Summer one
  14. by   futurenurse0424
    Hi all, I just got accepted for the ABSN program for Spring 2018! Can't wait!!! I'm from the Baltimore area but will probably get housing near the campus.