Los angeles pierce rn program fall 2018

  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Blake and will be trying for the ADN to BSN program at Pierce for Fall 2018. Used up this year completing last minute pre reqs and the TEAS test in order to apply. Would love to see where everyone is at in applying for Fall 2018 and beyond, and which other colleges you plan on applying to as well!

    I have been researching other colleges that are on the lotto system and some point systems ones that don't seem to require too many other classes none of the other places require.

    BTW, when do FALL 2018 apps open up? Couldn't find a link on the Pierce Nursing page.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!
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  3. by   NursingCakes
    All submitted! Good luck! Yay me!!
  4. by   sambelike
    I applied too! Good luck everyone!!
  5. by   highervibrations
    Does anyone have an idea when we hear back from them regarding acceptance?
  6. by   NursingCakes
    I believe I heard in mid May!
  7. by   highervibrations
    Is this your first time applying?
  8. by   sambelike
    Let me know when you guys hear back! I'm waiting too 😱
  9. by   steph17
    THIS IS MY SECOND TIME applying I hope I get in this time !
  10. by   highervibrations
    Same here! Good luck.
    How did you first time applying go? As far as alt # etc?
  11. by   sambelike
    Me too! I reapplied so hopefully we get in!

    My number was 170 lol no chance there! What about you?
  12. by   highervibrations
    @sambelike jeez! i don't even know why they give alt numbers like that lol i was 97. How did you do on your TEAS?
  13. by   sambelike
    @highervibrations not good... I got a 63 lol barely passing. What about you? Did you apply anywhere else?
  14. by   highervibrations
    @sambelike hey, it's better than having to take it over again lol I got an 82.
    This cycle I'm just applying to LAPC. Long story short.. i took some classes out of state & most schools here didnt accept them since they are quarter units not semester so i took some classes again but most applications had closed by the time grades posted.