Long Beach city college spring 2017 nursing - page 2

Hi everyone! I recently submitted an application to LBCC and I'm super nervous! Hoping we all get letters soon! Wanted to create this to see when other people are getting their letters! Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   Fmiller11
    So I called LBCC today and they said they will be sending out letters next week!!!
  2. by   Silverdragon102
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  3. by   daryani
    thank you very much for sharing. good luck
  4. by   Kzonum
    Hi Fmiller11 have you received anything? I called last week and they told me that letters should be sent out this week. Still waiting on mine
  5. by   Fmiller11
    No, I still haven't heard anything either such a frustrating process... I was told they were being sent out last week!
  6. by   Fmiller11
    Received a letter today. Unfortunately I was no accepted! Better luck to everyone else!
  7. by   bg04
    Hello everyone did anyone get in? I'm an alternate.
  8. by   daryani
    hi everyone!!! sorry for those who didn't get in. I am alternate too
  9. by   bg04
    Daryani I'm also an alternate ! By any chance do you know how many alternates there is?
  10. by   daryani
    Unfortunately no, and even don not know where in the alternate list I am or how much our chances are to get in.
  11. by   bg04
    I'm going to call tomorrow and ask.. have you taken the teas yet?
  12. by   daryani
    that's good idea. I took teas but version v I don't know if they require new version or not.
  13. by   bg04
    i also took teas v. i hope they still accept it!