Loma Linda BSN Winter 2019

  1. Hey everyone! I decided to start a thread for those who applied to the Loma Linda BSN Winter 2019 program. Just thought this could be a great way of keeping each other updated on what goes on. I know we should be hearing back very soon so hopefully we can update each other on here when we hear back! Thanks and good luck to you all!
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  3. by   citric
    I applied as well Really hoping we hear something soon. I am extremely anxious because this school is my first choice. Good luck to you as well.
  4. by   Grace10
    Same here! I have been checking my emails and phone nonstop hoping I'll get some sort of response. I have a feeling we might be hearing back Monday and the rest of that week but until then this will be a long weekend.
  5. by   citric
    I am thinking the last week of September. I am also the same haha - I take my phone everywhere with me hoping they call. If you don't mind me asking what did you get on the TEAS test? I got an 80 and thought it was decent but other people ask me if I plan on taking it again and that makes me nervous.
  6. by   Grace10
    Oh gosh I hope not! This past month has felt like an eternity already haha. I did call LLU last week Monday and they said committee would meet this week and that we should expect calls towards the end of this week or next week. This could have changed because I haven't called since for an update. As for my TEAS I got an 85 but I did retake it since I had a 78 before. I was told to aim for 80 or above, which is why I retook mine, so I think you should be good with an 80 but retaking it wouldn't hurt.
  7. by   citric
    Ahh. I hope you're right!! I just want to know already too lol. You got a great score! I will have to retake it if I don't get in. Guess it's back to waiting until hopefully next week.
  8. by   Grace10
    Same, good or bad I just want to know already but really hoping for good news! Hopefully we can get accepted into the program. I'll update on here if I hear back from them or of anything regarding when we should hear back.
  9. by   CeeCee94
    Hello everyone!
    I also applied for the winter semester. We should be hearing from them this week. I really hope we all get a call soon because this week will be very nerve wrecking!
  10. by   Grace10
    I hope so too! It has felt like an eternity waiting for a reply. Hopefully we find out today but I really doubt it.
  11. by   CeeCee94
    I actually called Dora today because I was anxious to know when we were going to be told if we were accepted or not. She told me the committee met today and they were organizing all the papers in order to call us. She said that tomorrow they will be calling but we should be hearing no later than next week. Hope this helps guys!
  12. by   citric
    Thank you for the update!!! I will be even more anxious tomorrow lol Hope we are one of the firsts they call and that we all make it!
  13. by   trishalee96
    Hello!! I also applied for the Winter Quarter Have anyone recieved a phone call yet?
  14. by   Grace10
    That's great! Hopefully they call this week but at least now we know committee already met and that the decision has been made. I hope we are all accepted and that we hear back soon.