Linfield Accelerated BSN 2013 Summer Start

  1. Hello!

    I searched to see if a Linfield thread was started already for this year but I couldn't find one so I decided to start one myself (I'm sorry if one was already started!)

    I got my letter of acceptance this weekend and would like to connect with those of you who have been accepted as well!

    I personally have been accepted into an ABSN program in Colorado, and am still waiting on the OHSU decision. I'm so happy and thankful of having a choice but so torn on staying in-state and attending a smaller private school or a better known big state school with a university hospital out of state.

    what is everyone's situation and what are your plans? (if you don't mind me asking)

    congratulations for everyone who was accepted

    hope to hear back soon!
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  3. by   RASKL

    Congratulations on being accepted to Linfield! I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I had decided to check the mail from Saturday. I immediately opened the letter from Linfield, which was sandwiched between two magazines. All I saw (before I freaked out) was my name, "Congratulations!" and "Summer 2013 Cohort".
    The accelerated BSN for Linfield is actually my first choice. I applied for OHSU as well, but at this point, it doesn't matter. I currently live in Salem, so I'll be commuting, hopefully by Amtrak, but we'll see!
  4. by   eando

    congratulations to you too!! I'm happy to be able to hear from other applicants as I don't know anybody else who has applied

    May I ask why Linfield is your first choice?
    To be completely honest, Linfield wasn't my first choice because it is so expensive as it is a private school, but the more I look into all of the forums on here about Linfield, the more I like the school
    If you don't mind, I would love to hear your opinion

    How long will the Amtrak commute take?
    Best of luck!
  5. by   RASKL
    I will try my best to keep this short while still adequately explaining my decision. No guarantees though! So I got my BS in Biology in 2010, but all throughout undergrad, or most of, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to explore the medical field, but for some reason I didn't see nursing as an option. My grades weren't great, and I saw it as "Just pass, get your degree, and you'll be fine." Not really, huh? Anyway, after I graduated, I looked into nursing, and was hooked. I took a year off from school and worked just to save some money, and then moved up to Salem with my now fiancee. I tried to transfer from my job in my hometown to Portland, and was told it'd be an easy deal. That fell through though, and I was unemployed. I tried to get a job for the first 6 months or so and then decided to go back to school. I attended classes at Chemeketa Community College, and completed my pre-reqs with a 3.8 GPA.
    So to answer your question, Linfield is my first choice because unlike OHSU, ABSN at Linfield mainly looks at the pre-reqs; ABSN at OHSU looks at EVERYTHING. Taking into account my undergrad GPA and my pre-reqs combined, I would be just short of OHSU's requirement. I did, however, apply for OHSU's regular BSN program which is 2 or 3 years. Next, the starting times are appealing to me. ABSN at Linfield starts sooner. Honestly, I'm tired of just waiting around! Had I done well in undergrad, and I would've been eligible to apply for ABSN at OHSU, I would probably have a harder time deciding. So, there you have it!
  6. by   eando
    Thank you for your input!
    Having a science major, esp in Biology is awesome! I am sure you have so much more background than me and possibly many other students
    I agree, I just want to start school, though I am a little nervous for the course load. But I am so excited we will all be nurses next year!
    I think I am leaning towards Linfield now versus Colorado, so I might get to meet you come this June!

    Oh and congratulations on the engagement!
  7. by   RASKL
    I'm really excited about the idea of becoming a nurse by the end of 2014 as well! I agree, the course load is intimidating, but I hope to find some people interested in forming a study group. My friend back home graduated from a nursing program, and she highly recommended forming a study group. We all learn differently though! Well, if you do decide to go to Linfield, I look forward to meeting you!
  8. by   eando
    Yes, definitely count me in on a study group
  9. by   RoseyLove
    Hey there, I got accepted too. I'm very excited, although OHSU would trump Linfield for a few reasons, including the money that the legislature is talking about allocating to OHSU for nursing loan forgiveness. I have to restrain myself right now from just sending in the the Linfield deposit until I hear from OHSU. I think Linfield is a much more personable and friendly place with a nice sense of community, at least so I've heard. I won't be sad to be a student there, minus the anxiety about the debt. I look forward to joining in a study group. Even though folks may have different favored learning styles, switching it up seems to help me. So excited to meet you all!
  10. by   eando

    yay! its good to hear from another potential linfield classmate

    I am in the same boat, both Linfield and OHSU has its strong points, but Linfield costs way more. Although I am happy that Linfield has transfer scholarships, it still is a hefty price tag.
    I hope we hear some news from OHSU soon, but hope to meet you at whichever school!
  11. by   RASKL
    Well, it's official! I've sent in my deposit/acceptance letter and financial aid packet to Linfield! How are you all doing in your decision process? Are we going to be classmates? Either way, I'm super excited to start school and my new career in nursing, as you are, I'm sure!
  12. by   nantots

    I was wait listed, but just got an email this morning about my acceptance. I am a bit nervous and worried about finding a place to live and moving in one months time! Does any one have any recommendations about what areas to look in?
  13. by   RASKL
    Congratulations! Where will you be coming in from? I'm not completely familiar with the Portland area just yet. I'll be commuting from Salem.
  14. by   nantots
    I'll be moving from CA. Finding apartments sure is stressful ahha.