Linfield Accelerated BSN 2013 Summer Start - page 2

Hello! I searched to see if a Linfield thread was started already for this year but I couldn't find one so I decided to start one myself (I'm sorry if one was already started!) I got my letter... Read More

  1. by   rylin86
    Hello! I was also accepted to the Linfield 2013 summer program! So excited! I currently live in Salem but I am moving up to Portland area right before orientation. Are you (RASKL) going to be commuting during the entire program? I thought it would be too much driving...
  2. by   RASKL
    Congratulations rylin86! I will be commuting everyday. I wish I could take Amtrak all week, but unfortunately, it doesn't work with my schedule. No worries though; I'm used to commuting an hour each way from a summer job I had a couple years ago. I'm wondering how many other people from here are for sure going to Linfield. We should meet up before orientation and get acquainted!
  3. by   rylin86
    I'd love to meet up! I'm still working full time, until the 24th, but I can make something work! I also have the entire week before orientation where I'm just cleaning and packing, that would work best!
  4. by   RASKL
    What part of Salem are you in right now? I'm in south Salem. We can do coffee at the Ike Box or any Starbucks if you'd like!
  5. by   rylin86
    I'm also in South Salem, and work in South Salem. Either works for me, what time of day works best for you?
  6. by   RASKL
    My schedule is pretty open. I'm currently visiting family/friends in Nevada and I won't be back until around the 21st. After that, I'm free!
  7. by   rylin86
    And I'll be gone until the 27th... How about Tuesday, the 28th, anytime works for me! French Press or Ike Box?
  8. by   RASKL
    I forgot about French Press! That sounds great. Does Tuesday, the 28th at 11 sound good? It sounds like it'll just be me and you unless other Salem Linfield folk jump on this thread!
  9. by   rylin86
    Sounds good, I'll see you at 11 on the 28th! This gives others a little time to check the post, if anyone else is interested!
  10. by   nantots
    Is there a Facebook group? If not, I'll make one (:
  11. by   RASKL
    I don't think there is... yet.
  12. by   RASKL
    I'm assuming you got in nantos? Congratulations! Are you currently living in Portland?
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  13. by   rylin86
    I haven't been able to find one... I think you should make a page :-)