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Has anyone taken the Kaplan nursing entrance exam? I previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at Baker for entrance into the program for the fall. Unfortunately, I did not make the... Read More

  1. by   bonnevie13
    Quote from herasheis
    I did not use a study guide to study for the Kaplan. I read my A&P powerpoints for a refresher and practiced some math out of my math books. I would highly recommend using a study guide over just reviewing notes and powerpoints.

    All I can tell you is just know your basic A&P. There is nothing specific to learn because the questions are so random.

    For math, know your fractions, ratios/proportions, decimals, conversions.
    Thanks for the information! I Appreciate any advice offered.
  2. by   bd22
    I just took the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test this past weekend, and I like yourself had trouble finding details of what to expect. I studied using the Kaplan study guide, and found it to be somewhat helpful. had a bit of trouble with the science because the questions were specific, and if you know it you do and if you don't then there's no real way to use the process of elimination. I was worried about the vocabulary & analogies, but found there to be none on the test I took, also a relief but I was so stressed about them! Overall I didn't think it was difficult, but I guess I should wait for my results to finalize that statement! Best of luck
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  3. by   LorilouRN
    I agree with bd22. I took the test week before last and I found the writing, reading, and math to be basic and much easier than in the study guide. However, the science I felt was much more specific than the study guide. I've had A&P I but not A&P II yet and I felt I'd have been more prepared for the test after having taken both classes already. We haven't done systems yet and much of it was on particulars of those systems.

    My advisor said the test is only about 2 years old and they haven't been given a "norm" yet as far as what the test score averages should be. So my school is giving points based on what you scored in each section. I got an 85 composite, but did lowest on the science portion which I'm upset with myself over. However, my advisor told me my scores were good and that the school's average over the couple of years they've been giving this test are about 73%.

    I never had a single problem with running out of time on any section. They gave us 2 hours and 45 minutes for the test and I walked out in about 1.5 hours.

    On our test, there was a link at the bottom (near Next and End Test) that said Calculator and our proctor told us we could click that button and use the calculator given on the kaplan test, so I did use that.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!
  4. by   bonnevie13
    Dear bd22, Thanks for the information. Do you recall specific type or format of Science questions? Where most of the science questions related to the systems of the body, for example; respiratory, circulatory, urinary..etc...? With the math, do you recall many questions being in story-problem format? Were they many math problems on conversions? I like math when you have a problem..solve it...story problems...well...they take longer and the thought process is different....the formulas trip me up! In the Kaplan study guide most of the math was story problem format...ekks..was wondering if this was the case on the actual test! Also in the science section; do you think the Kaplan study guide was sufficient to study? Can you give an example of the type of science questions? Where there any Chemistry questions on the test? One last one; Science of course..
    where there many questions regarding organelle, chemical, DNA etc, or just particular systems of the body? Any information would be greatly appreciated....I will be taking my test on Oct 30th! Good Luck on getting into the program, it sounds like you did pretty well on the test! Also, what college or university are you attending?
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  5. by   bonnevie13
    Dear Lorilou221,
    Thanks for posting, I really appreciate the information. Like you said the Kaplan Nursing Exam is relatively new, not much information and results of the testing are available.
    So would it be correct to assume; study most of the processes of the body systems in particular?
    Did you feel the study guide for the Kaplan test was sufficient in studying for the test, or do you think I should review my A&P book, referring back to the sections on the body systems!
    The Kaplan study guide seemed to be directed more towards; story problems, rather than the usual numerical/variable format.
    From your test results, compared to what I have heard, you seemed to have done pretty well! Good luck on getting into your program. What college or university are you attending?
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  6. by   LorilouRN
    I've heard each test is different. As far as the science, as I said, I didn't feel the study guide covered what was on my exam and I think studying the A&P book would have been more helpful, but that could have been my test only.

    Honestly, I can't even remember specific questions. I just remember it being much more in depth than what I had learned yet since I'd only taken A&P I and I didn't feel the science section, which I studied in the Kaplan guide, covered what was on my exam.
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  7. by   bd22
    I agree with lorilou. With the use of a calculator there should be no problem. As for science, it's hard to classify any single category of questions because there were bits of everything. I guess the best thing to do would be freshen up on basic bio and then go on to review the A&P things such systems & their functions. I do agree though that since I also haven't taken A & P II I knew I had never learned some of the information. I'm sure you'll all do the best you can and have plenty of knowledge to do well on the test!
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  8. by   bonnevie13
    Thanks for all the information and advice. I know for our Kaplan test we ARE NOT allowed to use calculators...strange as it may seem, that at some colleges you can during the test and others you can't...but I am prepared not to use the calculator....thanks again and I will be brushing up on all the systems of the body and the basic biology! Thanks and keep me posted on WHEN you GET ACCEPTED into the program! Positive thinking, see yourself in the program!
  9. by   ndb0001
    Does anyone know if you get your score immediately after you finish the exam?
  10. by   Despareux
    Quote from ndb0001
    Does anyone know if you get your score immediately after you finish the exam?
    We did, and you get log in information so that you may check out your scores from home, too.
  11. by   Deborah, RN
    Do you get your scores right after the Kaplan test? Yes, along with a breakdown of areas of weakness as they apply to the NCLEX test map. It also shows you the test questions you got wrong, and what the correct answer is, along with the rationale for the correct answer. Do you get your score right after the NCLEX test? No, and it is the longest 48 hours you can imagine (48 hours after you finish your NCLEX test you can pay Pearson $7 and see if you passed or not, but they will not tell you what your score is).
  12. by   ndb0001
    What would be the best thing to use to prepare for the writing section of the test? Is the Kaplan book good for this section?
  13. by   aissamojave
    I took the test this week and I studied from the Kaplan Nursing Admission Test study book that I got at Barnes and Noble. The reading section was pretty easy. The writing section was annoying.
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