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Has there been a thread created for Johns Hopkins Fall 2018 MSN Entry into Nursing program? is there anyone applying to this program?? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   crose8
    I just received my acceptance letter! I hope to hear some good news from you all as well! Good Luck Everyone!!
  2. by   hopefulb4
    How did you receive it? Email, mail, or phone?

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  3. by   emilyrose114
    I also was accepted! I received my notification via e-mail (it didn't show in my CAS account).
    I just wanted to throw out there to anyone who didn't get in to not let it get you down or deter you from your goals. I didn't even get an interview for Yale, and was doubtful I would get in anywhere after that. Something will work out!

    Congrats to all who were accepted!
  4. by   yh1991
    Just received my acceptance email. I had to reread it multiple times just to make sure it was real. I still don't believe it.
  5. by   crose8
    Quote from hopefulb4
    How did you receive it? Email, mail, or phone?

    Email directly from Hopkins! I'm sure they will be sending out admission decisions for the next few days
  6. by   JulietMei
    Also got good news! Very excited!
  7. by   balanurse22
    Have they given out all acceptances?
  8. by   TeachEm
    I just got in for the Fall of 2018! Check your Spam Inbox and make sure you're checking the right email!
  9. by   nurseman247
    I got my letter of acceptance via email a few hours ago too! Quick question for you guys accepted, how do you plan on paying for it? I was accepted into Marquette and they are a lot cheaper, but it is my dream to go to Johns Hopkins.
  10. by   nattyv8
    Hi Everyone! I received my acceptance for the Fall 2018 MSN program last night at 7pm!
  11. by   nattyv8
    I still haven't heard back from the scholarship programs but if not student loans
  12. by   crose8
    The Hopkins Financial Aid page mentioned that about 72% of their students receive scholarships and they will contact their students about aid/scholarships on Fridays. I have recently sent in my FASFA to all the schools I applied for so I think I will try to wait and see which gives me the best option financially.. (But quite honestly Hopkins has always been my #1 pick)
  13. by   kevinm23
    I got in. My question is do I have to reapply if I want to pursue my education further like to become a FNP?