I would like to know how Chambelain students are able to pay for their tuition?

  1. Hello, I am interested in going to Chamberlain College of Nursing in Miramar, Fl, and I would like to know how any former or current Chamberlain students were/are able to pay for their schooling. The entire cost of tuition is $85,000. I can only get $15,000 a year and that will not be enough. I am a 28 year old mother and housewife who is looking to provide a better life for my family. Did you get any grants, scholarships, or take out a private loan? Is it possible to pay this tuition or is it a lost cause?
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  3. by   msteeleart
    Is there a reason that you want to go to Chamberlain? Are there any community colleges that offer an associates degree in nursing where you live? $85k is a lot to spend for a BSN when the average starting salary for an RN is $50k. I was in your exact same position in 2009 and I thought about going to Chamberlain but once I added up what it would cost I decided to go the community college route which only cost me $8k. I am currently getting my BSN which will only cost me $8k also. I would consider other schools before paying all that tuition.
  4. by   SE_BSN_RN
    Yikes! There is no way I would do that!! And you can't do an online program without being an LPN or RN already. Go to a CC and get your RN, then go to an online school and get your BSN. 85K is so not worth it, when you can go to CC and pay out of pocket. (I did that.) Too bad you can't get a BSN at a CC, I would have done that, too!
  5. by   lmh1981
    There are a few online schools that offer a BSN you just have to do clinical rotations at an approved hospital. Texas A&M Corpus Christi has an Eline program I think it is about 25000 for the nursing nursing classes
  6. by   featherzRN
    WGU is 3K a term, most can complete in about two terms. I wouldn't pay $85k!!! Now that I look back you aren't an RN yet? I'd get an RN through a local school and then go an online school for the BSN.