GTCC Fall 2016 Nursing Program - page 8

Just wondering if anyone is applying for the Fall 2016 Nursing program at GTCC? The deadline isn't until February, but I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone has already applied, and how many... Read More

  1. by   toyag32
    Did anyone apply to Forsyth tech too?
  2. by   Ams1285
    Did you guys accept via email? I did and haven't receive a confirmation that Ms. Dalton got my email. Thanks.
  3. by   Molly1986
    I filled out that acceptance card and mailed it. I also emailed Ma Dalton to verify she received it. She usually responds within a day to emails
  4. by   D_king
    I emailed without bothering to mail the blue form, she emailed me back immediately and said that she would make a note of my acceptance in my my file.
  5. by   toyag32
    I went to the school and turned in mine.
  6. by   toyag32
    Have anyone payed for their background check yet?
  7. by   Molly1986
    I thought we were to get all the paper work to print out after April 25 and they were going to give us instructions for that and the drug screening during orientation?
  8. by   toyag32
    Ok. I'm not sure. I was just asking. Will they mail it out
  9. by   Molly1986
    Idk? On the paper is said about paying $94 to print out all paper work we should get after April 25?
  10. by   Ams1285
    Yeah no one will email or call me back. So frustrating! Starting to get worried.
  11. by   toyag32
    Did u send it to Ms. Dalton?
  12. by   Molly1986
    Hopefully Ms. Dalton will answer you back today! I reread my acceptance and it says about being able to upload all the papers and to pay $94 on the website, but there wasn't any site provided. So idk if they're referring to moodle or webadvisor or? I'm going to email her about that today since they weren't very specific.
  13. by   Ams1285
    Yep! Sent her two emails, left two messages and emailed the admissions director too. Absolutely nothing back. Would you please let me know if you get an email back from her?