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Just wondering if anyone is applying for the Fall 2016 Nursing program at GTCC? The deadline isn't until February, but I thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone has already applied, and how many... Read More

  1. by   Molly1986
    I'm hoping we get our letters today!!!
  2. by   D_king
    I haven't received anything today
  3. by   toyag32
    Me either
  4. by   JessHashem
    Same here...I'm starting to think that Angela Dalton was right when she said they'd go out by today. Hopefully we'll have something by Monday.
  5. by   JessHashem
    nothing for me today...anyone get theirs yet?
  6. by   Molly1986
    Nope! :/ I'm hoping by Monday we will know if they were mailed out yesterday.
  7. by   D_king
  8. by   Molly1986
    I didn't get anything today
  9. by   Molly1986
    Update everyone. Just heard back from Angela Dalton. She said due to changes in the nursing department letters are to be mailed out this week. She didn't specify when just sometime this week. Ugh!
  10. by   JessHashem
    Thanks for the update...did she say what kind of changes were happening? Just curious
  11. by   Molly1986
    No. That's what I was wondering too!? I have no idea what she meant by that.
  12. by   slmark
    Hey guys I also applied to GTCC for Fall 2016!! I'm so happy I found this thread I have been so anxious about when I would find out if I have been accepted. I thought I would have to wait until the end of March for a letter. I handed all of my stuff in at the beg of November....I'm tired of waiting!!! If the letters have not been mailed yet we still have 2 weeks to wait? I have 42 points I hope that is enough!! I have had my bios for years and would hate to have to take them over :/.
  13. by   D_king
    I don't think it'll be a whole 2 weeks of waiting. Hopefully they will be in our mailboxes by the end of this week-early next week. The advisor told me that scoring in the "40s" makes you competitive when I did my MAR review. Then again, it's all a matter of how many applicants there are, and how many points they've made. I applied with 48. I don't know how true this is, but a classmate in my 165 class last semester said that a friend of hers got into the program with 29 points. There must have been a lack of applicants at that time.