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Has anyone been through the BSN nursing program at GCU? If things work out, I am hoping to start there in January. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

  1. by   MassagetoRN
    ASU's biggest thing for me was A) the nearly $5k in fees for the RN-BSN program and B) 10 credits in upper division classes which would require another semester of classes if you didn't want to take them on top of the 2-3 classes at a time of the RN-BSN program.

    I completely agree that the trade schools, even for nursing, are a rip off. I mean $40k for a 2 year program! The only plus to that is not waiting on the waitlist. But with today's economy, those schools have such a poor reputation, you'd be lucky to get a LTC RN position upon graduation.
  2. by   AkAtHrt
    I too saw the special about "for profit schools" and it's unfortunate that many people have had bad experiences. I agree the cost of tuition is rather high and it would be a no brainer to go to a community college and save tons of money. But as with anything I am choosing a school that will fit my situation the best. I am older and don't want to wait 5-6 years (2+ wait, 2 yr. program, 1+ yrs. RN-BSN program) to get my BSN. I want to continue my education and become a NP or ND plus gain work experience and have another child etc. etc. Years ago before they were bought out GCU had a well respected nursing program albeit expensive but respected. It's still expensive but it's comparable to ASU and I'll save 2 hours commuting time! Based on the NCLEX scores GCU is up there with ASU and the community colleges so students are learning enough to receive their license. That is what I was looking for was a program that would educate me well enough to pass because my education will truly start once I'm licensed I have my concerns and reservations but it's because of this forum that I will be able to watch out for this, that or the other (like fin. aid dept.)!! I think anyone who is going to invest their time, money and energy into a program would do well to look at everything with their eyes wide open, take people's opinion with a grain of salt, be realistic of life during and after nursing school, weigh your options and do what's best for your situation. For me I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for the best and soaking up my free time cause I know I'm going to study my off! Thanks for all the helpful info. everyone
  3. by   talenea88
    Hey everyone! I'm going nuts contemplating between ASU or GCU! I don't know which one is more worth my time! I would be going straight in for my BSN. Does anyone have any opinions on either schools and any advice for me? Thank you!
  4. by   AkAtHrt
    Well what is your situation? Are you aware of the policy changes starting in the fall for ASU? Have you taken the TEAS? You said you are going straight for your BSN. Does that mean all of your pre-reqs. are done? Do you have a BA/BS degree already? Are you aware of the tuition costs for each program? Are you aware of the job shortage for new grads and are you prepared to take on a hefty school debt and possibly be unemployed for a period of time? Everybody has a different situation and considerations. I spent hours reading many posts on this site gleaning any bit of info. I could from people. Some people don't like the fact that GCU is a for profit school. The price tag alone is a big deterrent for many students. I had to weigh the pos. and neg. comments. I sat down with advisors at both schools exploring my options. Have you done any of this? I can give you my opinion but it's just my opinion based on my circumstances alone. You have to determine what works for you. Hope any of this helped you. Good luck!
  5. by   talenea88
    Hey AkAtHrt! Thank you for your response!

    I am aware of the policy changes and from what I know, they dont effect me. I have 1 semester of pre-reqs left and I can choose whether to finish GCUs pre-reqs or ASUs pre-reqs considering they are a bit different. My heart is set on ASU, but Im not sure if I will get it. If I got all As finishing up my ASU pre-reqs, my "select GPA" would be a 4.0. I have not taken the TEAS test yet. The reason why I'm open to GCU is because they offered me $9,000 in scholarships per year. This makes the cost about the same as ASU. I'm just worried that all they care about is taking my money. They also have already screwed up my spring schedule and its making it difficult for my current job. All the reviews I've read about GCU say how unorganized they are and all they and that their systems suck (like angel). I believe all of that considering my experience with them so far. (It takes me atleast 4 attempts to log in to their system just to check my financial aid status and classes!!) So, as you can see, I'm very annoyed and indecisive! I wish someoe can make the decision for me! lol
  6. by   miteacher
    What are the schedules like? Do they have any programs that are weekend/night? I already have a BS in an unrelated field, but would like more information on the various schedules that are offered by GCU. Thanks!
  7. by   inspiredRN10
    Hi talenea88,

    I agree with AkAtHrt, I think if both work for you, why not try applying to both? I know of several friends who are doing that. I also know that with GCU if you have a BA/BS in another field you are nearly guaranteed a placement spot. The main reason why I chose GCU was because of the various campus locations throughout the valley. I am in the East Valley, close to Banner Gateway and they have a campus right here. Also one in Scottsdale and Glendale. ASU only now has one option of Downtown Phoenix.

    Miteacher! I love that we are both exploring our options! I am happy with my choice of GCU because of the location, and because with GCU they do have various program times. The one right here by me, is weekend or night. It just gave me more options. It is 5 consecutive semesters, and expensive, but when it is all said and done I think it will be very worth it! I am applying in March
  8. by   talenea88
    Hey! I would love to apply to both but ASU doesn't not accept the last semester of pre-reqs that GCU requires. And the only way I'd go to gcu and be accepted for their scholarships if I finish their pre-reqs in the spring 2011. This would all postpone me applying for ASUs nursing so I can take their pre-reqs. So I'm confused on what to do
  9. by   AkAtHrt
    Hi T! I guess I'm confused too! The only difference between the two programs pre-req. wise was HCR 220/230 are not required for GCU. GCU does req. A COM class but that is due anytime before you start the program. HCR 210/240 are req. for both other than that all pre-reqs. are the same. So I'm sorry but I don't understand the situation but I also just realized since I have a degree already there may be some differences. hmmm dunno I struggled with the same decision too. Wish I could be your magic eight-ball and help with your decision!
  10. by   inspiredRN10
    Ya I am pretty sure the pre reqs are similar. And it depends on if you would want to apply to the fast track program or traditional program. How are you getting a 9000 scholarship with GCU? I would love that chance!
  11. by   Windsblow
    If you come in with a 3.7 or higher they will basically cut your tuition in half. It comes out to be about 4500 a semester which is about 25K for the whole BSN course. That is about half of what my other colleges I am applying to will cost. It's a great deal but you must maintain a 3.5 or 3.6 on order to keep it. I will be applying soon for the Fall Semester and hope I get in. I would love to see what non-degree holding applicants had ( TEAS/GPA) when they got accepted.
  12. by   inspiredRN10
    I am applying too for the fall! Ah! Im nervous! I am finishing the last classes in march. I want to go ahead and apply then too rather then waiting until may! Do you know if they calculate your entire gpa (I am graduating from ASU this may with a bachelors in sociology) so would they take those grades too and pre req gpa? Im pretty nervous! But I heard they have opened up alot of spots and locations making it easier to get in. What's your gpa? I haven't done the teas yet..
  13. by   AkAtHrt
    My advisor said it's only the pre-reqs. that are calculated for the scholarship. Although I'm not sure about that COM class? I think that is considered as well. I too am curious about the non-degree students GPA/teas scores. I have a degree already which my advisor said weighs in my favor BUT I have a C in Psych and math which really concerns me since I'm competing against non-degree and degree students. Not quite sure what I should do?