Georgia State University (GSU) Spring 2018

  1. Hi everyone!

    The deadline for the ACE application for Spring 2018 at Georgia State University was yesterday and so now the wait begins! Who else applied?

    My stats are:

    Undergrad GPA: 3.7
    Pre-requisite and Science GPA: 4.0
    TEAS score: 91.3

    Good luck to everyone and hopefully we'll all be meeting in January!
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  3. by   bclark40
    Hey, I just made a similar post! I also applied to Spring 2018 ACE and traditional (really hoping for ACE)
    My stats are:

    Science GPA-4.0

    From what my advisor told me I should be okay but I know not to count on that...
  4. by   heatherhend
    Hi bclark! We both made the same post on the same day! Hopefully, we'll be meeting in January in our scrubs

    I'm anxious as well. It seems like GSU has so many hoops you have to jump through to just apply...

    It looks like last year, the incoming Spring class didn't get their notifications until mid-November, but GSU had also extended it's deadline to the 15th of October. Hopefully, we'll find out sooner.
  5. by   fuzzylulu
    My TEAS is only 74... but I still hoping to hear so surprised !!!
  6. by   fuzzylulu
    Why did they decide to change the deadline ???
  7. by   heatherhend
    From what I can tell from last year's thread, is that they THOUGHT there weren't enough applicants. But I haven't heard anything about extending this year's deadline, so I think we're safe... At least from a deadline extension.
  8. by   fuzzylulu
    Are u in the program now ?? I wish they can extend this year
  9. by   heatherhend
    No, I'm applying for Spring semester. I just went to the website though and you can still at least start an application. I know when it was closed, it would just redirect you to a page saying 'application not available'. So, not sure if it's open or closed, to be honest.
  10. by   bri55
    Hi guys! I applied as well, and am super nervous since I'll be coming in as a transfer student. Im super nervous because I'm thinking they give priority to current GA State students, and I don't know much about GA State nursing either! I applied for traditional and my stats are...
    GPA: 3.59
    TEAS: 84
    I also shadow at an Outpatient Surgeons OR, so I had good volunteer hours and recommendations, hopefully its enough!(:
  11. by   bclark40
    Hi bri55, I wouldn't be worried about GSU giving priority to current GSU students. I just transferred in this past summer and was worried about the same thing but my advisor assured me that GSU selects people for the nursing program based solely on accademics, letters of recommendation, and personal essay. Good Luck! We all should be hearing something soon!
  12. by   bri55
    Thanks for letting me know that!!! Do you know if we should find out in a letter in the mail or online? I sent a email about a week ago asking just because my admissions status was never updated once I submitted the application, and no one got back to me
  13. by   bclark40
    From what I've read in past messages on here, it sounds like we should get an email first.
  14. by   excelprevail3
    hello you all

    I hope you all get into the program successfully. I will be attending GSU next semester. Would you all be able to tell me the best teachers to take for A&P 1/2 and micro biology. I would be very grateful.