Gateway LPN Program 2018 - page 4

Hello everyone! I am currently on the wait list for the Gateway fast track LPN program for either this fall 2018 or Spring 2019. My application got accepted February 8th 2017. Just wanted to see... Read More

  1. by   samwash
    I know, Hunter green! I wear that color as a PCT at the hospital I work at so I was really hoping it would be a different color haha. I hate the idea of spending $600 on books, but I think its inevitable in this case because of the "codes".

    Things could change, but I have a friend in the evening cohort who says you guys are in class 3x a week for the first few weeks, then drop to 2 evenings to add a weekend clinical day. He just finished 1st block and said it was challenging, but not impossible. Excited to keep in touch and see how everything goes!

    I just wish I knew which clinical day Day cohort will be assigned. I am antsy and have already put in my work schedule for next month so I hope it all works out okay! See you guys Monday evening for orientation!
  2. by   NurseDreams001
    I too had to wear hunter green for work. If only they didn't have the company logo on them I could save a few bucks. Hopefully, we don't need any books for block 2. Looking at it that way doesn't make it seem so bad. *shrugs*
  3. by   ayvee
    I called the bookstore to verify they had the books/scrubs in stock and she said we also HAVE to get a tote for the program. Did anyone else hear this? She said it's $118, but "will last you the entire length of your program". I wanted to use my Harry Potter backpack for school.
  4. by   uawildcat2009

    Are you kidding me? A tote? As in...a bag? For $118!?!? No way! That is crazy! How can they make you buy a $118 bag?
  5. by   ayvee
    I'm hoping that she is mistaken, I don't want to spend more money. I am going to wait until orientation for the tote, but will probably get the scrubs this weekend.
  6. by   NurseDreams001
    It states on the FTPN application a fee for Books/Tote. I know for sure it's needed for the RN program. I would just wait until orientation to find out definitely. The tote contains supplies i.e foley kit, ppe, IV start kit, fake meds you would draw up, etc.