Galen or Baptist?

  1. Hey!!
    I am having trouble between choosing Galen or Baptist school of Health professions! This will be my second bachelors so I'm trying to go the cheapest route but also I am trying to chose the school that has a better job outlook. But, I can not find such information. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   111th
    I went to Galen in Tampa Bay for their bridge program- I had a good experience. A classmate had attended the San Antonio campus for her LPN and thought it was run better.

    Definitely not cost effective though, imo. I only chose it because of the hybrid option, otherwise I would have chosen somewhere less expensive. Have you looked into a program specifically for students who already have their BA/BS? Maybe consider going for your ADN at a junior college and then taking an online BSN program. You could potentially take on less than $15k that rate depending on the programs.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   Lydiam4
    Thank you for your help! That's what I'll probably do!
  5. by   BabyCatchr
    I graduated from Baptist and I work as an RN in their hospital system. The instructors are very supportive and you get much more clinical experience, because you do your clinicals in Baptist hospitals and have access to the computer system. I also teach Galen students and they can't get into her computer system and therefore they can't give medications. It's difficult for us to accommodate them when we already have Baptist students who are there and can do so much more. Galen costs more and has to try to find hospitals where they can do their clinicals.
  6. by   Lydiam4
    Thank you so much!! This made me feel so much better about my decision! I'm going to go to Baptist!!