1. Hello Everybody. My name is Keesh. I'm starting this thread a little early to get a head start on things. I was looking into starting nursing school in the Spring of 2018, but things come up. Now I'm going to start in the FALL. I'm currently looking into the FSW ANEW program which works better with my work schedule. I was told by a student the ANEW program is just like being in the FULL TIME program except it's online. It consist of hard work, time consuming and dedication. I plan to apply for LEE campus as well.
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  3. by   vixen817
    Hi Keesh, my name is Brianna. I plan to apply for Fall 2018 Traditional Lee Campus

    Program GPA: 3.75
    TEAS: 84.7
    80 points
  4. by   Camille_blue98
    Hey everyone!

    I plan to apply to all three campuses for fsw traditional nursing program. Probably my number one choice will be Lee. I planned to finish with my AA in the spring. Glad you started a forum. I was reading the spring 2018 forum tonight.
  5. by   Canegurl07
    I have yet to take my TEAS, but yhe goal is to make an 80 or higher. I was told that it is more competition in the fall, but im not worried long as my STATS are good. Do any of you plan to take PHARM before starting the program? I plan to take it this summer. @CAMILLE i was looking at the spring forum to the STATS were interesting and it seems as if everybody who applied got it. Im almost positive itll be the same here. The deadline for FALL 2018 is MAY 15. 2018. JUST AN FYI. I will be getting information from the spring candidates to help prep us for the fall once accepted.
  6. by   Fswnurse
    Hello everyone!!
    I'm debating on applying for the fall. Does anyone know how they calculate your total point? i know they go by your TEAS score, but what else?

    what are you guys using/used to study for the TEAS?

    Thx in advanced
  7. by   Canegurl07
    They normally go by how many course you have taken, the grades for those course, your gpa helps determined it. When you go to the fsw website go to the ADN tally worksheet and jus fill in where the # are. It will give you an idea. Im using a TEAS book by prometixs, kaplan on youtube and also a NET book. Jus differnt books help. Im trying to score between 75-85 on my TEAS
  8. by   NICUnurseto-be
    Hi everyone! I plan on applying for the fall 2018 semester as well! Does anyone know the charlotte campus hours for the traditional schedule
  9. by   Leah2020
    Thank you for the thread!
    I am applying at the end of spring 2018. My daughter, too. I'm old she is not I've taken all classes except a&p 2 and micro, which I am registered for. Undecided as to which campus, I'm equal distance from all 3. Charlotte would be less of a traffic nightmare, for us. Applying for the traditional program. No teas score, yet. GPA currently a 3.57.
  10. by   Leah2020
    Is there a separate pharm class? I thought pharm was incorporated into the curriculum and is not a class.
  11. by   Canegurl07
    @NICU I'm unsure of the schedule for Charlotte campus what I would do is check FSW Spring 2018 forum on here and that's how I get majority of my information or you could always call.

    @Leah2020 No problem I believe in staying in the loop. We all are here to help and cheer one another on. From reading the FSW Spring 2018 I think the class was separate. The school that I attend now allows me to take Pharm before entering the nursing program (which I hear EVERY NURSE) say that is the best thing to do. I have a 3.7 GPA and I think you should attend LEE lol we will be a big family. I hear that when applying for the traditional you can chose how many days you would like to go to school. I thought it was 4 days a week, some say you could do anywhere from 2-4 days per week. Sounds awesome.
  12. by   FF-Nurse
    Hello everyone, I just came across this forum. It will be nice going through this process with other people. I'm applying Fall 18 full time Lee campus.
    TEAS 84,
    All classes completed.
    74 points.
  13. by   Maria.Torres97
    Hey everyone! My name is Maria. I'm going to apply for fall 2018 hoping to get Lee campus. As of now I'm at 81 points. I got an 83.3 on the TEAS but I'm retaking it and shooting for 85 or higher. If I get a better score that would bring me up to 85 points total... I'm not sure how competitive the program is since I've never applied but I'm freaking out
  14. by   ilk0710
    Hi guys, current first semester nursing student here. Let me know if you have any questions about the program or the application process