Fscj nursing spring 2019

  1. Any FSCJ NURSING SPRING 2019 hopefulls? What scores did you apply with? Theres a FB page titled "fscj nursing spring 2019" if any one wants to have a page to follow and discuss the process on!
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  3. by   sirI
    Welcome mariahxo89

    We moved your thread to the Schools/Colleges forum for the best response.

    Good luck at Florida State College at Jacksonville!
  4. by   Haleighbrooke
    Does anyone know what the cut off for summer was?
  5. by   J.hull
    Not sure of exact points but it was in the low 130s
  6. by   Rubygirl2505
    Good morning, I plan to apply for the spring 2019 AND next week. I retake my HESI A2 wed. the facebook thing is a page not a group correct?
  7. by   J.hull
    Took a bit to find but it is misspelled as sping instead of spring
  8. by   Rubygirl2505
    I found the page for spring hopefuls, however a friend of mine and I did a group one so that it can later be used for private communication once the acceptance letters are sent out. It will also allow files to be uploaded too.

    Page is fscj nursing spring 2019

    Group is FSCJ Nursing Spring 2019 hopeful group
  9. by   rhfl
    I am so glad someone started a thread for Spring.I am about to take my Hesi exam two weeks from now and I am so nervous. Any tips you guys? Good luck to all of us. Okay, I dont know how to use this LoL. I tried to join the group on FB no response yet.
  10. by   changedmind
    I'm in the same boat still need to do the hesi
  11. by   Karleeketchum
    I am applying to. What grades do you guys have?
  12. by   rhfl
    Hi Changedmind! What are you using to study? I bought the 4th Edition Admission book from FSCj bookstore
  13. by   rhfl
    Hi Karlee, my grades is okay I guess. I have A in A&P 1 and 2 A on Micro and A on Chemistry. B on Math.
  14. by   Haleighbrooke
    I am applying with 141 points. What's everyone else applying with?