Fortis college in Pensacola Florida Nursing program review and accreditation' help

  1. I was suppose to start at Itt Tech in Mobile al' for Nursing 'but the school isn't allowing students to start due to them closing soon??? Can someone please give me some insight in Fortis College in Pensacola Florida Nursing Program
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  3. by   Buyer beware
    ( Go to community college and save your financial life.
  4. by   NICU Guy
    My advice on Fortis: It is equivalent to going to the bank and borrowing $50k, fly to Las Vegas, run to the nearest Roulette wheel and placing the $50k on #15. That is the same odds as you be able to finish the nursing program before they close their doors just like ITT, Medtech, and Brown Macke. Fortis is next on the chopping block.