1. So I decided to start a thread for the Fall 2017. Any current/prospective student on here? What GPA did you have when you applied and how competitive is the selection process? If you don't mind sharing your work experience and GRE score, that will be awesome. For those who are enrolled, do you mind sharing your experience?
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  3. by   raellagr
    I'm a prospective student! I'm going to keep an eye on this thread, hopefully more information from current students come our way!
  4. by   RT_2b_NP
    I hope so. I hope I get accepted. When do you want to apply?
  5. by   raellagr
    I'm going to try to get my application in by the priority deadline (so October). How about you?
  6. by   RT_2b_NP
    Same here. Are you taking the GRE?
  7. by   raellagr
    Yup, taking it next month! I didn't really time it right so I'm trying to cram/study for it right now along with taking 4 classes... hopefully it goes well. How about you?
  8. by   NPToBe1
    I submitted my online application recently, stil waiting for some of the green check marks to show up on the website to say that they received all the elements of my application. Very excited to hear back! I'm applying to the Women's Health track.
  9. by   Q50s
    Hey guys, I am also applying to the ABSN+MSN Program. In regards to the GRE did any of you ask about having your scores waived? I believe they will waive the GRE if your undergraduate GPA is above a 3.5? Regardless I am still taking the GRE in August and I am super nervous.
  10. by   raellagr
    I haven't asked about it, I'm just assuming they'll automatically waive it once they see our transcripts? Not sure though... and regardless, I'm also still taking the GRE as well haha. Are you applying to other schools too? And I'm applying to FNP!
  11. by   Q50s
    I am also applying for FNP, I guess you are my competition haha. I am taking it on August 6th!! I have submitted about 3 applications so far, just waiting for all of my documents to be processed and received.
  12. by   raellagr
    Not surprised, FNP is definitely the most competitive specialty.. but hopefully we both get into the program(s) we want!! Wow you're really on top of your applications! I'm assuming you've already taken all your prereqs then? What schools are you applying to, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. by   gemlady18
    I am applying for only the ABSN program. Good luck everyone!
  14. by   RT_2b_NP
    I called them and was told that review would begin in a few weeks. Argh!! I am anxious already.