Emory ABSN 2019

  1. Hey y'all - I wanted to start this thread since the super-early application deadline has passed and decisions should (theoretically) come out this week
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  3. by   byhiswill
    Hello, I'm glad you started this thread. I applied June 27th and as of Tuesday- August 14th- everything has been checked off. Hoping to hear good news soon
  4. by   emadissi
    Hopefully we hear tomorrow (like it says?). All my completed courses were checked off on 8/10 so fingers crossed!
  5. by   emadissi
    @byhiswill just heard back - accepted!!
  6. by   leighton14
    Is this for the Fall 2019 cohort? I just heard back too and got accepted. Woohoo! Anyone know when we have to decide if we will attend and complete that form by? Also, I only applied in the dream world that I'd get a scholarship like the Woodruff Scholarship. It says we should hear about that by Oct 1. Anyone know how competitive it is? The bios for the current scholars are amazing. I'm sure it's highly unlikely I'd get it but fingers crossed. Otherwise, I won't be attending. I already have undergrad and grad loans over $100k. No way I can afford this.
  7. by   emadissi
    Yes, for Fall 2019! I haven't seen any deadline for the deposit and form, but I can't imagine it's due before we hear back about the scholarships, right?
  8. by   leighton14
    I followed up with the admissions office. the confirmation of attendance and deposit is due Nov 1st.
  9. by   leighton14
    Anyone planning to go to the open house on the 22nd of September? I'm interested but live in DC and it's kind of a long way to go for like 4 hours in the afternoon.
  10. by   emadissi
    I eventually decided against going - I'm still in school and it's an expensive flight or a 8+ hour drive for me - especially considering it is such a short open house. I wish they had some sort of program to allow us to email current students with questions