El Camino College Nursing Fall 2017

  1. Hi all,
    I have applied for fall 2017 program at El Camino College. I actually applied for Spring 2017, I was selected as an alternate and did not make it. Hopefully, I can get in this time. Anyone else have applied? It would be great if we could share some information and feelings while we are waiting for the result!
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  3. by   allene.m
    I have applied to El Camino Fall 2017 nursing program. Have you submitted everything needed?
  4. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Hello allene.m! I submitted everything. I am just waiting patiently....Did you take TEAS?
  5. by   allene.m
    I have submitted everything. I took the TEAS VI back in Feb. The next correspondence letter will be April 28 so
    I am getting pretty anxious.
  6. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Me too. I am really nervous. I've heard that they got more applications than usual. Hope getting in this time....!
  7. by   Dream2bnRN
    I too applied to El Camino.... the wait is agonizing and it's taking then longer than usual. Good luck to us all.
  8. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Hi, Dream2bnRN. I don't like the waiting...I am just nervous...but we are supposed to get the final result on Friday. This is my 2nd time applying. How about you? Hope we all get in!!
  9. by   Dream2bnRN
    Hi Gingerbreadgirl! It's my first time applying. Can you clarify, "final results," as far as I know They haven't sent out teas invites. The email received last month said that final decisions would be by April 28.... but they did not send out teas invites the week after that notice as they stated. Good luck to us.
  10. by   Dream2bnRN
    @gingerbreadgirl & Allene.m Was el Camino the only school that you applied to?
  11. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Dream2bnRN, El Camino is the only one I applied for fall 2017. I think I will apply LAHC also if I did not get in this time... How about you? Did you apply couple of schools?
    I am sorry for the confusion. Final result means the 2nd contingency letter that mentioned in the email sent by El Camino. I also did not receive the 1st contingency letter( Teas invitation), but a friend of mine told me that she got hers. I went to the nursing office asked the lady at the desk, but she was angry about me asking the status and said" you are not supposed to ask your status. You have to wait patiently." So I had been waiting as she told, and ended up I did not receive anything for the 1st contingency letter. So...you also haven't received the teas invitation?
  12. by   gingerbreadgirl
    This might be only me, but also from my previous experience,I sometimes feel like they are very disorganized about the process.
  13. by   Dream2bnRN
    I'm surprised that your friend got teas invitation. Have she taken it already? I have not gotten a teas invite and neither has my friend. I did send in my teas transcript as per the instructions on that letter that we all received. I also applied to LAHC and Cerritos. My friend also went in to ask and she mention that the lady at the front was not happy about it. She said she needed to wait.
  14. by   Dream2bnRN
    I must agree.... I'm secretly hoping that they're thinking of a way to take in a larger number of applicants this semester....because I can't begin to understand what's taking so long.