Drexel University ACE Spring 2010 - page 2

Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the... Read More

  1. by   CocoBelly
    YAY! It's official. Congrats!!
  2. by   BibaBibaa
    ...hope you'll get your letter soon too:tosanta:
  3. by   CocoBelly
    Me too! But I dont think that will happen too soon, as they've only had my transcripts for about a day now.

    It's really hard to be patient and I have to wait at least 3 weeks!!!!
  4. by   BibaBibaa
    I know... Even though Drexel is not first choice for me I was sooo impatient to receive my letter. It's very frustrating, 2 weeks seem like 2 years... Is Drexel the only option for you? Have you applied anywhere else?
  5. by   CocoBelly
    Just Drexel for now. If I don't get in, then I'll consider applying to Jefferson's FACT program (but I'll have to take my GRE's) and Temple. But I'm hoping for Drexel because it's the only program I really love and want to be in.
  6. by   BibaBibaa
    I read some of the other posts about Drexel and to be honest I am a little scared. Previous years graduates say that they send you for clinical all over the place (Delaware for example) and also clinicals start 6 - 6:30am. I live in Central Jersey and if I decide to go to Drexel I'm planning to commute 1:30h to Philadelphia every day!! If I have to add even more miles to get to clinical I would have to leave my house at 3:30am...I starting to wonder whether what I'm getting myself into is even doable!!
  7. by   CocoBelly
    yeah it sounds kind of intense and i'm sure you can work things out with clinicals. Ive also read you can switch with other students.
    I'm not too worried about it, I'm really determined and looking forward to working hard there, so as long as I get in, I'm definitely going to attend Drexel over any other school. It's also the shortest at just 11 months, you can't beat that!
  8. by   BibaBibaa
    I'm pretty sure you'll get in...as long as you've met all the requirements. They admit quite easily. Do you know how much exactly the tuition for ACE is?
  9. by   CocoBelly
    I hope I do! The tuition is somewhere around 34k for the whole year.
  10. by   dominey1
    Congratulations to all that have been accepted!!! I was originally supposed to start the program Fall '09 but deferred my enrollment to Spring '10. I know this is really soon to ask, but out of curiousity....does anyone know what they are going to do for housing?

    I am coming from Maryland, and would prefer not to live in on-campus housing....I thought it might be good to have some of us rent a house and live together. It could be beneficial in terms of studying, and possibly for commuting to clinicals. If anyone is interested, please let me know! You can e-mail me at Tina.Dominey@baltimorecity.gov.
  11. by   CocoBelly
    Congrats! I actually live in Rittenhouse area and have been here for over a year now, so I had planned on staying here. However, I have been considering finding roommates to rent out a house for next year if I get into the program, to save a little money. So I may be interested in that...
  12. by   BibaBibaa
    I would love to be close to campus for a year while in school because I live 60 miles away and commuting will be exhausting but unfortunately this is not an option for me...
  13. by   CocoBelly
    Oh I am SO frustrated with their admissions office!! I handed in my transcripts in person and the guy in the office photocopied the envelopes onto one sheet of paper and then signed the paper saying it was received and put in the bin. So I call today to just make sure nothing was lost (since I've read so many posts about transcripts being lost and their office being disorganized) and apparently they are "still waiting" on my transcripts. I was like ***! I dropped them off! And they were like "oh.." ARGGGG. I really really really hope the disorganization of their admissions office doesn't reflect the responsibility and organization of the rest of the staff and the program itself. This is absurd!

    Sorry, just needed to vent!!!