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Hello all,

I just received a letter from saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and I'm waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the same program and received an acceptance letter already?:uhoh3: I'm trying to be patient but I wish I knew how long it will take...

I would love to be close to campus for a year while in school because I live 60 miles away and commuting will be exhausting but unfortunately this is not an option for me...

Oh I am SO frustrated with their admissions office!! I handed in my transcripts in person and the guy in the office photocopied the envelopes onto one sheet of paper and then signed the paper saying it was received and put in the bin. So I call today to just make sure nothing was lost (since I've read so many posts about transcripts being lost and their office being disorganized) and apparently they are "still waiting" on my transcripts. I was like ***! I dropped them off! And they were like "oh.." ARGGGG. I really really really hope the disorganization of their admissions office doesn't reflect the responsibility and organization of the rest of the staff and the program itself. This is absurd!

Sorry, just needed to vent!!!

I know what you r saying...apparently they have on record that I've taken classes at Camden College which I've never attended. I e-mailed them and told them that these r somebody else's records mixed in with mine but I haven't heard back and I have no idea whether they've corrected the error or not...sooo YEAHHH...they must be really busy OR they have no clue what they're doing...

WHOA! hopefully they did not switch your records with someone else's. That would be crazy!

I talked to them today and they are on top of looking for my stuff, Fran has made it a priority.. probably because I've been harassing so much!! Hopefully it will all be straightened out soon so I can find out soon whether I've gotten in or not.

That's good...I hope you find out soon and I hope it's good news, I know how painful waiting is...

I'm not worrying too much about my transcripts; they sent me an admission letter already so now it is up to me to complete the rest of the prerequisites and then I'll have to send them another transcript anyway...

Oh that's true. Do they re-evaluate transcripts once all the pre-reqs are complete to see if you are still able to join the program? Do they let you know what GPA you need to maintain to still be qualified? Or do you just need to make sure you're still at a 3.0 in the last 60 hours?

Fran just called this morning to let me know that my transcripts were found and have been submitted for review. So now, we wait! I'm hoping it won't be too long.

I believe they only look at the GPA before they send you a provisional acceptance...after you receive your provisional acceptance you have nothing to worry about but to pass the rest of the pre-reqs with C or better...I think that's the way it works...

I remember that I received my admission letter about 2 weeks after they informed me that my application is complete...so it shouldn't take too long before you get yours too.

2 weeks! that would be very exciting!!! I mean... as long as it's good news ;) I'll have to be patient. Have a good holiday weekend!

I know I said that I'm not interested in housing but to be honest commuting from Jersey is freaking me out already! I don't know if I can handle this program in combination with at least 4 hours of commuting/day + it will be very expensive. You said before you might be interested in renting a house with somebody...how much do u thing it will cost?...I'm not familiar with Philadelphia at all and have no idea...if it's affordable I might be interested...

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Hi! Yeah I definitely think it's going to be a bit much for you to commute that much on top of a "rigorous" program. From what I've read, you need all the time you can get to study. So if you can't move here, then maybe you can take a train so that you can use your commuting time to study or do whatever else you need to do online (you could even "run" errands by grocery shopping online and stuff!) So, don't freak out. If this is the school you want to go to, then you can find a way to make it work. I think the train is great idea if you don't want to move. I'm not sure if you are married, have a family or whatever, but if not, moving to Philly for just a year, is not a bad idea at all. You can definitely found housing under $1000/mo. And if you do find more people to rent out a house or multiple bedroom apt, it can be super inexpensive.

As for me, I'm not sure I'm going to leave my apt. I have a great apt in a great location... soooo hard to find, and I'm thinking I might want to keep it and not lose it. Once I'm a travel nurse (thats my new plan!!) the agency can pay for it while I save up for a house!

Yeah, the train seems to be the solution for now but I still have to drive 30-40 min to Trenton and take the train from there:cool:. I'm worrying mainly about clinicals, especially after the first quarter. I read that the second quarter is the worst...that's what is going to "make us or break us" and that's when we'll be going mostly on clinicals and then I'll have to drive. I would love to rent a place in Philadelphia but I'm married and that's why the idea is not so appealing to me, although I would consider it just because I really want to succeed in the program and I would do whatever I have to for an year...I'll have to find somebody who is in the same boat as I am to split the rent because I can't afford it...

Talking about money...how are you planning to pay for the program? I guess because it's a second degree the government is giving me only 12K in Stratford loans, the rest I'm not quite sure where to get from. I'll have to meet with the financial aid people when I'm 100% sure I'm going to .

Also, have you been to any of the info sessions?...I'm going on June 24th.

Yeah, I went to an info session a few months ago when I started considering going back to school for nursing and looking at the programs. I liked the most and immediately went to an info session- I guess it was awhile ago. It's pretty informative, but at the same time, I kind of felt like it was useless because it was all of the same information I've found online. But you can ask questions and listen to other's questions be answered... so it can be helpful. Or, if you're anything like me, you can just keep calling them every time you have a question, haha :)

As for paying for school, [if I get in] my parents are going to help me out. It makes more sense than a loan as they have the money to help out and I won't need to pay interest! However, I am researching any ways to minimize that cost for them. I'm not eligible for financial aid for the 09/10 school year (which is really annoying because I've been completely jobless since August, and I have NO IDEA why I am ineligible, considering i have NO INCOME) But I should be able to receive it the following year, which should help for at least half the year. And my father is convinced there is something Obama is doing to help those who have lost their jobs pay for further education... not sure if it's only for a Masters, or 1st bachelors only though. (Do you know anything about this?) But I need to look into that as well.

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