Cumberland University Nightmare! Stay Away!

  1. Where do I begin? First off let me start by saying that Cumberland University Nursing program is designed to weed people out so they can maintain good NCLEX pass rates. The reason I say this is because they overwhelm you with classes in your first semester. And just before you say anything, I know its nursing school and its suppose to be hard and challenging but they Do Not set you up for success there. The fact is that they will allow you into there pricey program even though you do not have your pre reqs done. Which means you are finishing up your pre reqs while taking your core nursing classes. I have a girl in my class for example who is taking her nursing core classes which consist of Nursing Foundations, Dosage Calculations, Health Assessment and on top of that she has Pathophysiology and 2 history classes all at the same time. Most people there are taking one or two pre reqs while taking there core nursing classes which is crazy! At first I did not think nothing of it since I was excited to be in nursing school but then the reality hit me, that myself and a majority of others were overwhelmed and not able to keep up. I am not a stranger to hard work but when you talk to your professor one-on-one, have tutoring sessions and study 3 to 4 hours a day and still are not successful in a class then the problem lies with the school and professor of that subject. Its terrible to see my classmates stress because a majority of them are not passing a class or two because of the over load of classes on their schedule. I can sit here and write a novel on how horrible this school is for nursing. It might have been a good school in the past but has gone down the tubes. Basically on top of the course work over load, you have extra Kaplan test which if don't score well you have a possibility of not passing the class and there is no way to study for the kaplan test by the way. You have to maintain a 77 or better in order to pass your class. And lets say you are on the border of 77 and do not score well on Kaplan then you pretty much failed the class. A 77 sounds easy to maintain but when its all lecture and barely any hands on. Its rough. Then you have to deal with them being unorganized when it comes to labs and the best part is, you have to watch a youtube video on how to do something and are expected to know how to perform it properly for check offs! With little hands on instruction! And FYI, the classrooms are old and the lab is a dump. All used equipment that they received from Aquinas when they shut down recently. There is not enough equipment there for people to practice especially when you are paying 12 thousand dollars a semester! They have the money to renovate and provide top notch equipment but they choose not to. I am just trying to warn you! Explore your options! I would not recommend this school to anyone. Stay far, far away! If your going to spend the money then invest it in a better place where they will help you succeed and not fail. This is my first and last semester there. I am transferring somewhere else after this semester is over. I wish somebody would have told me these thing prior because I would have waited and got all my pre reqs done first then shopped around for schools. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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  3. by   Atl-Murse
    Good for you
  4. by   dhcontreras
    Thank you! I am just trying to help others out who are considering going there and for them not to make the same mistakes my classmates and I made with going there.
  5. by   lmb2016
    Are you in the day or night program? I applied for the spring but still waiting to hear if I was accepted.
  6. by   dhcontreras
    I am in the day program. I am not sure how the night class runs. Trust me, they will accept you as long as you have a pocket book. Honestly I would explore other options but if not, make sure you all your pre- reqs done before starting so you do not get over whelmed. For what you are going to pay for tuition each semester, I would look into a place that has brand new or decent equipment. Like I said before, their equipment is very old, outdated and hand me down from Aquinas. Take a tour and you will see what I am talking about. If you are looking for options , South College has great brand new state of the art equipment which you will actually use in a real hospital setting. And its actually less expensive than Cumberland. You know that saying, you get what you pay for. Well with Cumberland, you don't. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. by   dhcontreras
    Here is a copy of their grading policy if anyone is interested.(I had to copy and paste it) "Per School of Nursing Policy: "Each student will have a minimum of a 76.50% exam average to pass the course. A 76.5% will round up to 77%. A score of 76.49 will round down to 76%. Math, KAPLAN Tests, KAPLAN Exam, NIVATE, Papers, Projects, Care plans, forums and Presentations that are part of the course are NOT averaged into the grade until the 76.50% exam average is achieved. A grade for a paper, project or presentation may help your grade, but it will not pass you if your test scores are not 76.50%. Alternatively, if you have a 76.50% or > test average but score poorly on assignments you could fail the course."
  8. by   lmb2016
    Well I received my letter and I wasn't accepted this term, which I find it strange bc I was accepted for the fall. Anywho, I will count my blessings and apply somewhere else.
  9. by   dhcontreras
    Really? That just goes to show how unorganized they are. Trust me, you dodged a bullet. It is a blessing you do not have to deal or possibly have the same experience I did there. There are plenty of schools out there. You will get into one when the time is right. Let me know what you decide on.
  10. by   toylise
    I am glad I am seeing this, I could not get over the cost & decided to roll my acceptance to spring semester to see if I was accepted somewhere else as I am a non-traditional student & would've been attending the night program. Thank God i was accepted at U of M as classes will only be 2x a week for me that i will drive to the Jackson campus for 1/2 of the per semester price its worth it. I cant see busting my butt to pay that kind of tuition & being set up for failure.
  11. by   dhcontreras
    You are smart for doing that. It seems like where you are going to go will be way better for you. I know the price of tuition and being set up to fail is a horrible feeling and hopefully my post can help others avoid going through this type of situation that myself and other students are currently facing. Thank God that this semester will be over next week. And a new chapter will begin at a new school in January.
  12. by   atetees
    Why do I feel like I know you? Do you work at Hughes?
  13. by   atetees
    Quote from Atl-Murse
    Good for you
    Why do I feel like I know you? Do you work at Hughes?
  14. by   dhcontreras
    No I do not work at Hughes. Do you go to Cumberland right now?