College of the canyons spring 2017 - page 4

Hello i just applied to COC RN program for spring 2017 and am seeing if anyone else has also! I have also applied for moorpark and thinking about applying to Glendale as well. Should I be studying... Read More

  1. by   bg04
    I think its safe to say your in with 75 Is COC your first choice?
  2. by   mightys1989
    It was my second because I live in Palmdale
  3. by   12_jojo
    Hi, I just took TEAS Friday as well. There were a lot of people taking the assessment!

    78% TEAS 6
    4.0 GPA for science prerequisites
    3.7 GPA overall
    total of 71 points

    Best of luck to you all!
  4. by   bg04
    by any chance do you know if the teas 6was harder then teas 5?
  5. by   mightys1989
    I think the TEAS 5 was harder in the science section because it had a lot more things to study while the 6 has only three sections to learn which is mainly A&P
  6. by   bg04
    What about math? Math is my weakest spot!
  7. by   mightys1989
    I think math was easy just a lot more conversions
  8. by   luba1987
    Anyone hear any updates?
  9. by   knmnrs
    I also applied, eager to hear if anyone has gotten an acceptance /denial / Alternate letter yet. their website says 10/14-10/31 people should be receiving emails.
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  10. by   12_jojo
    nothing yet!
  11. by   mightys1989
    Nothing yet. I'm getting nervous
  12. by   knmnrs
    I remember getting emailed several days in to the time window they had posted last semester (I was chosen as an alternated for fall 2016, but a seat never opened) Their office gets really busy around this time because there are hundreds of applicants. Im not nervous yet, just anxious. My points are not super high so I don' really expect to get in based off my points, which makes my odds even smaller. Good Luck guys!
  13. by   lakuti
    I am nervous too! I hope they start sending those emails soon. Good Luck everyone!