City Tech Fall 2018

  1. I just applied for the nursing program at city tech for Fall 2018. Gpa 3.53 and teas 69. Any chances i have of getting in guys?
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    I think GPA looks good. TEAS, I do not know. What is the minimum passing score? If it is 75, then, I am sorry to say, you are not in a good situation.
  4. by   Nadiya1229
    Passing is 65. School is looking if you have passed above the national median. I ask around school those who are in the program some got in with a 3.3 gpa and 69 teas and some didnt get in with 3.7 and 80 on teas. So im paranoid.
  5. by   FutureNurseInfo
    I guess there are other factors involved.
  6. by   bob bib
    Good luck, hope you get in!

    Can anybody tell me what chances I have?

    I am a returning student and my English 1 credit is too old but my English 2 credit transferred over. I heard you can substitute one class?

    My grades are,

    English 2 : A
    Psychology : A
    A&P 1 : A
    Math : B- (worries me)

    and TEAS is 86.

    Do you think they can sub the English 2? And my math on TEAS is very good, it's just that one Math class I messed up on due to personal life issues I had going on at the time.
  7. by   Nadiya1229
    They definetly swap. They swaped my A &P 1 for 2 because it was a better grade. You should have nothing to worry, but then again it all depends on the group we are applying with and how they are doing. With the TEAS they just want to know you passed above average.
  8. by   Jasperg7
    Hi Everyone,

    I am also worried about getting into Nursing for Fall 2018. I just submitted my application today.

    Here are my scores/grades:

    TEAS: 86.7

    Math 1190: A
    Bio 2311: A
    Psy 2301: A
    Eng 1101: A-

    Hope everyone here gets a slot.
  9. by   ajarcini
    I have just recently applied as well and my GPA is 3.47 and TEAS is an 85. I am very worried because my GPA is lower than a 3.5, which is what I always hear they cut off at. Good luck to you all!
  10. by   Magb
    Passing score for teas is 65.3%????
  11. by   Вероника
    I just applied for Fall 2018 myself. 3 of my pre-reqs are IP right now (in progress). I am almost certain they will all be A's. However the only thing that concerns me is that my English grade is going to be a C...

    So, my pre-reqs are as follows:
    Eng - C
    AP1 - A (in progress)
    Math - A (in progress)
    Psy - A (in progress)

    Even though the last three are in progress I'm fairly confident I will receive an A in all those because I've aced all the material so far, just gotta keep that up for the next two weeks. I heard we receive acceptance letters mid to late June...

    Oh, and I got an 88 on the TEAS. Good luck everyone!


    Also, for those who are wondering, this is how the acceptance process works:

    Once all grades for this semester have been submitted, all applicants get placed in a pool. The pool of applicants is then ranked from highest GPA (4.0) to lowest. (They only consider your combined GPA of the 4 pre-reqs, only) The first 70 applicants in this list get accepted. Everyone else after the first 70 get placed on a "wait list" and should any of the applicants who got accepted choose to not accept their seat in the program for whatever reason, they will accept the next person on the list. Also, from what I've been told, your TEAS score essentially does not matter. All they want to see is that you passed (for this semester, passing is 65.3 and above). If you failed, you will not be considered.
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  12. by   lizzy989874
    I am pretty sure after all my grades are up that I will have a 3.5 GPA and I got a 72 on the teas. I'm praying I get in. So good luck!
  13. by   Вероника
    acceptance letters should be coming soon!
    i have a 3.57 pre-req gpa and an 88 on the TEAS.
    good luck everyone!
  14. by   kelll29
    Applied with 3.75 GPA/81 TEAS

    A&P 1: A
    Psych 101: A-
    English: A
    MAT 119: B+

    last semester cut off according to the dept. was 3.6

    It is competitive out there! What do you all think? Best of luck.