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Hi guys!! Haven't seen any threads for May 2018 so I figured why not start one!! I just submitted my application for Broward's May 2018 LPN-RN program so anxiously waiting for the deadline. While I... Read More

  1. by   chrisieefaithh
    Does anyone have any points yet?
  2. by   mponz87
    Hello everyone!
    I am taking my HESI this wednesday and then applying to the May start term for the general nursing program. I am currently taking microbiology and nutrition to get them out of the way. I have a 3.7 gpa so I have high hopes of getting in. I hope to see you all at orientation. If anyone has any HESI advice, I would appreciate it as well.
  3. by   Kiverson001
    Hi yes I have points. But I need to go turn in my transcripts from Keiser so that the points can go up. I wonder how long it takes for them to process this at Broward
  4. by   Kiverson001
    Make sure you know conversions and know the basics of anatomy!!! It's been so long since I took the Hesi I can't remember everything. I know you have grammar, reading, math.... I forgot the others. But the math is self explanatory.
  5. by   chrisieefaithh
    Is this points that you had or recently updated? And I suggest turning in the transcript in person
  6. by   Kiverson001
    The points I had prior are currently at 2.5. But once I submit the transcript it'll be at 3.7
  7. by   write2diego
    When I was in process classes were Monday and Friday 9 to 12, on Monday is pharm at 5pm tues and wed was clinical lab 11 hours for the first few weeks and Thursday math for 4 weeks. This was for north campus. During the Summer the class was extended one hour because of the 6 week time frame.
  8. by   chrisieefaithh
    Awesome I'm getting ready to be done with the anatomy class at Keiser and then submit my application. Time flew by!!
  9. by   chrisieefaithh
    Also the advisor at central told me the quickest way to get them evaluated is to submit the transcript in person to admissions then right after go to advising so they can put in a request for it to be evaluated.
  10. by   Kiverson001
    Yes me too!!!
  11. by   Kiverson001
    Oh cool I'm going to do just that!
  12. by   Kiverson001
    Write2Diego so it was pretty much in class all week?
  13. by   Lee.F.527
    Hi Kiverson001,

    I just did this as well and it took Keiser a week to send the official transcript over and another week for Broward to "evaluate" it and update my transcript. I am not sure if that is how long it usually takes but that is what I experienced