BMCC Nursing hopeful (Fall 2018)

  1. Hey fellow BMCC pre nursing students. (Specifically those who are applying for the Fall 2018 program)

    Soooooo, took the Kaplan today. Wanted to post and show GPA's and Kaplan scores here, and hope and pray to get into the program together since the past classes seemed to do so in these forums.

    So, start away. Lets all chit chat about our scores and how nervous we are.
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  3. by   themakeupnurse
    I didn't do so well. I got a 66% on today's exam. My gpa is a 3.8. My pre req grades are A, A, A- and B+. I don't think I'll be getting a call, but fingers crossed. Hopefully next time I'll do better
  4. by   themakeupnurse
    The writing portion really brought my score down. I did terrible in that section. At least, if I don't get in, I know my weak area and I can focus on that section more.
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  5. by   Dollyramos90
    Hey, thanks for sharing. I don't think thats too bad of a Kaplan score.
    Thr writing threw me off too. But the Math was super easy and the reading was pretty easy too.
  6. by   themakeupnurse
    I was browsing through some old BMCC forums and someone scored at 68 on the Kaplan, GPA 4.0 and didn't get accepted. I forgot if they were going for the evening or day... I believe evening.

    I'm going for the day program.
  7. by   Nellie123
    @ Dollyramos90 how did you score and what section you applied for
  8. by   Dollyramos90
    Hey Nellie123,

    I scored a 79% on the Kaplan. My pre req GPA is 3.9 and overall 3.5
    So idk. I'm super nervous. Applied for the day program.

    How about you?
  9. by   Nellie123
    @ Dolly girl u have nothing to worry about. That's a great score and strong GPA. I got a 70% 4.0 GPA
  10. by   carolanne22
    Hi all! I took the test today (may 30) and I scored a 77% on it and I have a 3.69 GPA on my preqs and I'm crossing my fingers that I have a chance I get into the day program! I wish the best for you all!! Hope to keep you all informed if anything comes up!
  11. by   mikegonzo38
    Hey everyone, I got a 4.0gpa and 71% kap score. I failed the writing portion. Everyone here has pretty good grades, hope we all get in.
  12. by   Brivera90
    Hey, I didn't do so well on the Kaplan exam either. I scored 69% overall. The writing section brought my grade down tremendously. My GPA is a 4.0. I really hope to get in. I'm applying for the evening program.
  13. by   RositaLPN
    Hi everyone! I got a 79 on kaplan with a 3.8 GPA. I'm apply for the evening program! The waiting is driving me nuts!!
  14. by   themakeupnurse
    Good luck to you! I hope everything tunes in your favor... it's driving me insane as well. I keep going on allnurses. I keep overthinking. I'm driving myself insane. I just need to know. I feel like I can't do anything until I find out. I did score extremely low so I'm bracing myself. I just need to knoooow ugh!