Belmont Accelerated BSN Fall 2018

  1. Hi guys!! I just got accepted to Belmont's Fall 2018 accelerated BSN program and was looking for other people that have been accepted or are planning to apply!
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  3. by   apk2009
    @tas243 what was your GPA from undergrad? and did you have both anatomy and physiology completed when you sent your application in?
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  4. by   apk2009
    what was your GPA from undergrad? and also did you have both physiology and anatomy completed when you sent your application in?
  5. by   tas243
    Hi @gavriellek, I have a 3.417 undergrad GPA, but I am still a senior in my undergrad year. I have all the prerequisites completed except the religion courses. I am working on 1 now and plan on taking the other one during the program!
  6. by   apk2009
    okay, thanks for responding! I will have a little over a 3.6 gpa after I graduate in december, but have a 3.55 right now. I am still taking A&P 2 though and am nervous about applying because someone in admissions say they might not accept someone that doesn't have both A&P fully complete.
  7. by   apk2009
    what is your current major?
  8. by   tas243
    I'm not sure about not accepting you with the A&P2, but they can defer you until January 8th, and by then your A&P2 should be complete!!! My major is Public Health and my minor is Psychology! What is your major?!
  9. by   apk2009
    Yes, that's what I meant deferred. I am trying not to be deferred, so fingers crossed my gpa is high enough that they will accept me, and I may include a letter from my professor in my application stating my grade since I have a high A as of now at the mid term. I am a double major in honors psychology and criminology!
  10. by   tas243
    I hope it all works out for you! Are you from Tennessee ?!!
  11. by   apk2009
    no I am from Pittsburgh, Pa...are you from Tennessee?
  12. by   tas243
    I'm from New Jersey!!
  13. by   apk2009
    awesome! well congrats on your acceptance!! did you apply to any other programs?
  14. by   tas243
    Thank you!! I applied to Virginia Commonwealth, Quinnipiac, and Moravian but Belmont is my first choice! What about you?