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I don't see a group yet started for admission to the Fall 2018's Augusta U MSN/CNL program. I have read through the forum of the Fall 2017 group and it seems to have been very informative! I am... Read More

  1. by   futureRN94
    Hi!! since you're already in the program I thought I would just ask you a few questions I had as I recently just got accepted. A lot of people have been asking me about this program and wondering is it hard to get a job without a BSN. I obviously already have a bachelors but do hospitals perfer bsn new grads over msn new grads? Have you talk to any graduated students about their experience in the work field after graduation? Do most people do bed side first and then continue their education to either DNP or something related to clinical nurse leader? I am from new york and the cnl program is fairly new up north, i just want to make sure i'll have no issues getting a job and explaining that i am just as qualified as a new grad with a bsn. How many students go right into the dnp program after graduation? Is it looked down upon because you don't have much experience?
  2. by   athensbound
    I don't think anyone is guaranteed an interview, even if they meet the minimum requirements.
  3. by   athensbound
    I think everyone who has gotten accepted has interviewed first.
  4. by   Moscrows
    Thanks athensbound! I got my interview invitation e-mail today!
  5. by   athensbound
    That's awesome! I'm excited for you Moscrows! Which campus are you hoping to attend?
  6. by   nightshifter25
    Hi futureRN94,

    Let me tell you right now that you will have absolutely no problem finding a job whether you have a BSN, MSN, or probably even an ASN. Healthcare agencies need nurses so bad that most of them don't seem to care what degree you have as long as you passed the NCLEX. As far as i know, no one from the program (or just new nurses in general) has had issues finding employment. Of course certain units or specialities may be harder to get into just because a lot of ppl are drawn to those areas (ER, ICU, surgery, etc). But generally speaking, I dont believe that finding a job as a nurse is hard. And yes, i do believe most people graduate from the program and get jobs as bedside nurses. You cant be a (respected) nurse leader without any nursing experience. And honestly, most people that I've talked to don't even get the CNL licensure until a year or so after graduating (if they get it at all). It's a completely separate test and most ppl are focused primarily on passing the NCLEX and finding a job. I have heard some of my classmates talking about wanting to go straight into DNP school but a lot of us, maybe even the majority of us, are just focused on graduating from this program and then probably taking a break before immediately pursuing a higher degree. I dont know if direct admission into a DNP program without experience is looked down on. I believe that graduating from the MSN program here gives you an advantage as far as getting into the DNP program here. In MY opinion, it just seems like it'd be better to get at least a year of experience first. But like I said, I do have classmates that are planning to go directly into the DNP program after graduation..

    Hope this helps!
  7. by   Moscrows
    Athensbound, I'm in Augusta.
  8. by   athensbound
    Moscrows-I was hoping you'd be in Athens! I'll be hoping for all the best for you though!
  9. by   cmknig9196
    Quote from EKBLeadRNPsychNPsoon
    I was asking about the calendar because I wanted to confirm that the program starts in the fall--was going to ask the date and whether there are any orientation events in the summer. I thought I remembered the program requiring a summer course.
    Orientation is August 14th. Classes begin August 15th. The third semester of the program is a summer semester, but there is no summer courses prior to the beginning of your cohort's first semester.
  10. by   aubreyanna
    Hi guys! I just interviewed for the CNL program in Athens and am hoping with everything in me that I get in. Anyone else hoping for Athens? Anyone know how many people they interview and how many they accept? I'm dying with anticipation.
  11. by   aubreyanna
    Me! Well hopefully. I just interviewed yesterday. I'm in Alpharetta.
  12. by   AleshaMB2018
    Quote from aubreyanna
    Hi guys! I just interviewed for the CNL program in Athens and am hoping with everything in me that I get in. Anyone else hoping for Athens? Anyone know how many people they interview and how many they accept? I'm dying with anticipation.
    I'm hoping to get into Athens!! I'm from Mississippi. I interviewed in February. Now waiting for the letter to arrive. They mailed it last week. Fingers crossed and prayers up! I'm not sure how many they interview or accept. I hope your interview went well and I hope you get into the Athens program! How was the interview?
  13. by   atlantamediks
    Good luck everyone. I got my letter today. Hopefully you get your soon. See you there in August!
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