ASU (Arizona State University) Summer/Fall 2018 Nursing

  1. Hey everyone! I found this thread from a previous year's application group and wanted to get it going for ours as well. This is a place to talk about Applications, TEAS Questions/Scores, Titers, deadlines, what to expect, and just getting to know each other!! Which semester are you applying for? Questions? It'll be fun! Introduce yourself!!!

    Previous students or graduates are welcome as well! I am sure we would love to have advice or answers from people who are in or have completed the program.

    Let the games begin!
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  3. by   jpwald
    I am applying for the 2018 Summer BSN program, and will be moving back to AZ in March. They still haven't posted the Summer application guide! Does anyone know what the Summer schedule will look like? Or how the 6 semester length classes will fit into the summers?
  4. by   ASUNAVY
    Hello. I am applying for the 2018 Summer program as well. I think the summer application guide has now been posted.
  5. by   jpwald
    Thanks ASUNAVY, apparently I was clicking on an outdated page still. Are you US Navy? Also- did you see that the castlebranch rules changed for this year? The docs in Castle Branch are "technically" not completely due until April, although they still suggested to have everything done By the application deadline in February, because the timeline for the "turn all your stuff in" is short-dated once the email goes out.

    My adviser said she thinks clinicals are about 50 hours a week throughout the program. Have you heard anything about that aspect?
  6. by   ASUNAVY
    Yup I am still in the Navy for a little while longer. I did see all the castlebranch stuff changed, which is good. I haven't heard too much about clinicals, but what you are saying with 50 hrs/week seems about right.
  7. by   jpwald
    Awesome! I am Navy too- Ft Gordon. *high five* Times running out! lol
  8. by   glorilla89
    Hey guys!
    Are you all still waiting for acceptance to the summer/fallprogram? Any update on when they'll be letting us know?
  9. by   jpwald
    Still waiting on Summer. I was told that even though the application requirements changed, the timeline for results did not. So usually they say the first week of April, the results come out. However, my advisor said the earliest we can expect them is late this month (like after the 25th). That being said, I would be so excited if they came out early! If you get yours, please post so we know to look for ours! And good luck!
  10. by   michmexnut
    I am anxiously waiting too. In previous years there was more movement in the forums. We are a few weeks away of the results and this forum is almost empty. Let's give a little bit of life to this place. Good luck to everyone.
  11. by   jpwald
    I know! This either means we have a quiet group, or no one else applied so we are all garunteed acceptance! Lol
  12. by   jpwald
    Facebook users: someone created a Facebook group as well. Link is below. (This is my second time trying to post this link, hopefully it works and doesn't post multiple times later).

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  13. by   KonaKana
    Anxiously awaiting :-( What are your guys' advancement scores? Mine was like a 1.729 so I'm not too hopeful on getting accepted since fall is the time with the most applicants (but hey you never know!!). Luckily they're taking in more students this semester because of Mayo clinic adding in another 30 seats. Are any of you current ASU students? I currently am attending but as a competitive applicant at the school. Im finishing up my patho & nutrition prereqs this semester along with my minor.

    I've got about 2 friends that didn't bother to apply for the application cycle and are waiting to apply for the spring semester cause it's not as competitive because of the amount of direct admit students that choose to start at that time.
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  14. by   jpwald
    Scores are being sent out as of today! Applicants who are immediately accepted are being notified currently, and must confirm their spot online by 16 MARCH 2018! I think after that, waitlisters may get any spots left. Good luck to you all! Check your emails!

    And I applied to the Summer with a 1.93 because I read the summer would be our best chance because most direct admits want their summer break before starting the clinical program, don't want the accelerated program, and their are extra seats available in summer for transfers/competitive applicants because of the coveted Fall Mayo clinic seats.