ADN or MSN for someone with a BS in a science related field?

  1. Hello,

    I obtained my BS in Kinesiology from SF State university with the idea that Athletic training was the route I wanted to go. I decided later on that it was not as amazing as i thought it was going to be and started looking at other options. I ended up getting my EMT license in hopes of being a paramedic, and then thought, "well why not nursing in an ER instead? I would make the money needed to pay off my student loans and go to school for the same amount of time almost". So that is what I am working towards. I currently have a full time job at a non-profit (which doesnt pay much and though I love this place, I dont want the job positions which follow the one I am in now, meaning no more advancement).

    In looking at nursing programs, I am not sure which is better. To just go back and get my ADN and have less student loans or get my MSN with a non-nursing BS and pay ALOT more in student loan? I really just want to work in the ER in that I love the fast paced environment and stabalizing patients. I dont think i would ever want to be teacher and maybe in my old age, I might want to go to a slower more consistent environment, but I have always been one who works better under pressure. I do live in SF, so pay is a factor. I dont need to make millions, but enough to live and pay of the student loans I have from my BS and hopeflly nursing program. :-)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as it seems there are many people on this site with great advise and it is hard to get answers from some schools and what not.

    Thank you! :-)
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  3. by   kaysc00
    I have a BS in biology and went back to get my most hospitals are only hiring BSN nurses..or you have to have within 3 yrs of if floor nursing is all you want..then I would go for your BSN..but for one more could apply for the BS to NP programs ( usually 3 yrs) and prescribe meds..but you better hurry on that too..most NP programs are going to Doctorate..hope this helps..
  4. by   WoundedBird
    We're almost the same person, just that EMS was my failsafe if I did not make it into nursing school. I did AT for undergrad, passed the BOC on the first try, and enjoyed the athletes I worked with at the high school level but dealt with a micromanaging head AT (told I would cover 15-20 hrs/wk, ended up being 15 hrs/2wk period and made WAY more working summer camps and was might know the feeling). What drove me to pursue ED/trauma nursing is that I would hope for significant injuries (I LOVED steri-stripping lacs and patching up all other blood events, especially during games) over the 'my knee hurts when I go like this' situations. I applied to a few ABSN programs w/o any success and an ADN program that was dissolved after the applications were collected. I applied to a grad entry MS program, accepted into it, and I'll begin in two months. We had to apply to only one speciality area and I chose the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program for the flexibility after graduation because while I want to hopefully end up in an ED/Trauma setting, I'm unsure if I want to focus on peds or adults. Heck, if I fall in love with L&D, I can work towards that and the ability to let my clinical rotations 'speak' to me was a major draw of the CNL option. The way our program works is the entire first year gets you ready to take the NCLEX and then the following 1.5-2 years is spent on your specific MS area. The CNL is 1.5 additional years and the various NP specialities such as FNP, adult or peds ACNP, midwifery, etc. are 2 additional years, maybe 2.5.

    I'd encourage you to look into the MS route first and then the ABSN based on your existing knowledge base and what's offered in your area. Let me know if there's anything more specific I can answer for you.
  5. by   lauriekipp
    I am a paramedic with my ADN and a BS in public safety. I just got accepted to Loyola New Orleans BLEND program (BA/BS to MSN). I start in August... It is worth a look... I think it is a good program. Of course I am nervous about it, but I would encourage you to take a peek at it. I am moving to FL soon, and they have the BSN within 3 requirement and it frustrated me to go back and get another BS degree so I decided to try out Loyola. I hope this helps.