ABSN University of Southern Maine 2019

  1. Hello, for those of you applying for the ABSN-USM 2019 cohort.

    I am currently a student at USM-Health Science Major with a USM GPA of 3.7 with a 3.4 in my Pre-requesites and additional courses such as Chemistry and Human Growth and Development. I am wondering who may be applying out there to this program, and why? I am extremely nervous about applying and being rejected...it's never a wonderful feeling. I always wanted to be a nurse and I wanted this fast paced opportunity for years now since my military days. Looking forward to seeing the comments and who may be applying!
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello gcano93,

    I just wanted to wish you good luck being accepted and with your Nursing-career plans.
  4. by   gcano93
    Thank you, I am trying to be optimistic.
  5. by   sab831
    Hi gcano93! I am also planning on applying to the 2019 cohort of the USM ABSN program. I graduated in 2010 with a BA in French, and a 3.83 GPA. I haven't yet finished my prerequisites but I probably will not have time to take any of the 'recommended' prereqs. Hopefully that won't hurt my chances! Have you already submitted your application? Why have you chosen to apply to USM in particular? Good luck!
  6. by   gcano93
    Hey Sab, sorry been really occupied. That is a wonderful GPA, and you stated that you are currently taking the remaining prerequisites for the program? They favor those with a higher GPA to see how successful that individual may be in the program. I am currently a student at USM and I will be graduating this fall with a GPA that is 3.7; additionally, I have all the prerequisites and supportive courses completed.
  7. by   rachael77
    Hi guys! I am applying to the 2019 cohort as well! I have a question about the supplemental application. Are we supposed to be mailing our resume and essay to the application processing center or do we just submit this on the regular application where it says to upload them? Because it says to send all materials to the application processing center, I didn't know if this was two separate steps ... I just want to make sure I get all my materials in by Oct 1. thank you!
  8. by   gcano93
    You need to send ALL documents together at the application center post marked by October 1sr
  9. by   rachael77
    Can you clarify?
    -I have filled out the Maine application online and uploaded both my personal statement and resume.
    -I have requested all my transcripts to be sent to the application center.
    -I have printed the supplemental application where it says to list your courses taken, filled it out, and just sent it in the mail today.... Was I supposed to also put my resume and personal statement in that same envelope to be mailed? Or, will they accept what I had uploaded on the online application?

    Thank you
  10. by   sab831
    Hi rachael77 - I had the same question. I asked USM and they didn't seem to have a preference one way or another. I was going to do both, just to cover all my bases. If you've already mailed it out, I wouldn't sweat it! As long as you send all the materials by the deadline.
  11. by   rachael77
    Hi sab831 - So it's fine if I didn't mail out my personal statement and resume? As long as I uploaded it on the USM application I'm okay?
  12. by   gcano93
    I didn't even think there was an online application; I'm a student here and was told to mail my application, essay, and resume to the school.
  13. by   rachael77
    For non USM students, part of the application process is to complete the USM application online.
  14. by   sab831
    I think so! The nursing/admissions person I spoke with said it didn't matter which way the documents were submitted, as long as they all arrived before 10/1! Have you called the office of admissions to double check? There's still time to send them out before the deadline.