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Hello, for those of you applying for the ABSN-USM 2019 cohort. I am currently a student at USM-Health Science Major with a USM GPA of 3.7 with a 3.4 in my Pre-requesites and additional courses... Read More

  1. by   arose2
    jesshunter, the admission department sent something regarding login back in October. It says to go to MyUSM portal and click manage your account. The letter had either an account activation key, or a student ID number to use. They also say if you need assistance with your account to contact the helpdesk at 2077804029.
  2. by   MGMargolis
    I'm also getting a green check mark, and the symbol key above says that a green check mark means 'Accepted/Admitted.'
    Still, until I get the letter in the mail it will be difficult to believe that I really got in (I applied for the options entry grad program).
    USM is one of my top choices so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but this seems like it's good news...
  3. by   kgb2788
    I just found this thread. I applied and am waiting for my letter! I emailed the admissions team, and they said my letter was going out this week...hope to hear soon! For some reason I can't get into MaineStreet with the email and password I used initially, and I can't find an ID number in any of my emails from admissions.
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  4. by   sab831
    Would anyone be interested in joining a facebook group if I made one? Intros/hellos, questions about Portland or the program, etc etc?
  5. by   MGMargolis
    Yes, definitely!
  6. by   kgb2788
    Absolutely, here's hoping I got in!
  7. by   sab831
    Great! I made one called "USM ABSN 2019" and my name is Sarah Brown - let me know if you have trouble finding it! Good luck everyone!
  8. by   kgb2788
    I got my acceptance letter last night! So excited! Congrats to everyone else finding out, see you in the Facebook group
  9. by   gcano93
    I'm so happy for all of you! I'm hoping people choose a different option for I can get off the waitlist! Congrats to all of you! I'm still finishing my undergrad here at usm, I believe that played a factor on being placed on the waitlist.