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  1. I have a quick question.

    For those who have been accepted into the program or looking to get into it, did you have to take the prerequisites through them or were you able to transfer credits from a local college that would count towards them? I'm in the process of being admitted to a local community college to fulfill the prereqs and I would hate to not have those credits transfer over. If anyone could answer my question, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank You
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  3. by   jraelyn
    Hi there,

    You don't have to take prerequisites through them and can take them elsewhere. Just make sure the classes you are taking at another institution covers what they expect it to cover. For example, they do not accept Mammalian A+P I or II as it has to specifically be HUMAN A+P. I took my prerequisites at a community college and go in. They are very strict on academic achievement as it is a very challenging and intense program. The Director and faculty are very passionate about making sure there is low to no attrition and anyone admitted can enter the program. He did make a comment about how they do look to see if prerequisites were taking at a CC or a 4 year university. For me, I had a very high GPA and a master's degree that I also did well in...so I don't think they gave where I took my prereqs too much weight. However, if someone has a mediocre GPA and also took prereqs at CC and didn't get a solid A, that may raise a red flag for them.
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    * handle the program
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    Very helpful. Thank you for sharing this info.